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Ohai!!!! o/


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Hello all!

I've had KSP for about 2 weeks now, getting there slowly, trying to master getting to the munn and back is proving tricky, i frequently run out of fuel on the return trip.

So anyone i thought i would say boo the community, and risk rearing my head in the forums :).

Does anyone know what other features are planned? Another galaxy someone hidden through a wormhole?

The ability to make money in the campaign mode by setting up, for example, solar harvesting arrays? Space telescopes?

Once i figure out how to construct things in space that is :sticktongue:.

Also, i am aware there are many many mods, but are any of these planned for the game, such as the ability to construct a complex ship, and sheathe it in an aerodynamic rocket skin for take off? then shed the skin as part of a stage?

Ahhhh so many possibilities for this, £20 well spent.

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Welcome! :)

More planets are not currently planned until squad can optimize the game more, if I remember correctly, planets take a lot of ram, and that slows your game down.

There used to be a telescope mod named ordan space telescope, but I don't know if it works in .23, and for the solar harvesting, I'm assuming you mean turning sunlight into electric charge? There are solar panels in the stock game in different shapes and sizes.

And the rocket skin, I believe you mean fairings, there's a mod called procedural fairings that allows you to cover your payload (your satellite,rover, lander,etc.) in a fairing that automatically changes to the right size, its good to use if you use a mod like FAR that adds realistic aerodynamics.

If you ever need help there is a welcoming community willing to help with anything. :)

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Thanks folks. Still in alpha so looking forward to all the future stuff!

In terms of the solar harvesting i was kind of thinking along the lines of being able to send the power back to your planet to power some crazy experiments, or attach certain experiments which require an insane amount of charge to run.

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