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I first found KSP from a Kurtjmac video and I knew I HAD to get this game. I was never able to land on the Mun until .17 :( . By then I began watching Scott Manley and I really thought I learned how to get to Duna and all of the other planets until I tried and I failed..:mad:

A while after this epic failure, my computer broke and was (and still am) not able to play KSP ;.; but now, I have saved up for a new computer and will be able to play again :)

Honestly, KSP is my favorite game that has ever been created and I thank SQUAD so much for making it.I also think this forum is so helpful and hopefully, when I get my new computer, I can get to all of the planets

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Welcome to the forums! :)

Glad to hear that you're getting your computer troubles sorted out. I've lost a couple computers to accidents and the occasional lightning strike myself, and it's never fun having to wait on a new replacement. Did you need to pull any data off the old hard drive, and if so, were the computer techs able to do that?

If you ever need any help in your quest to visit all of the planets, feel free to ask questions here on the forums. Also, I try to maintain a list of tutorials and other resources over at the Drawing Board, which can be found through a convenient link in my signature; many of those tutorials specifically address interplanetary travel, and others can certainly be applied to specific aspects of a given mission.

Also, nice to see another player who was introduced to the game through kurtjmac's series out there!

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