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When Did you join KSP?


When did you join?  

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  1. 1. When did you join?

    • 0.7.3
    • 0.7.3 - 0.10
    • 0.10 - 0.15
    • 0.15 - 0.17
    • 0.17 - 0.20
    • 0.20 - 0.23
    • 0.23

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first encounter with KSP was a simple, "well, if you want to play a game about building spaceships, there's a thing called KSP"

I started playing the 0.18.__ (demo), I built really boxy rockets back then, and almost every one of my designs reached space... but I didn't understand orbital mechanics, so I simply sat there and said HEY I GOT TO SPACE !!, though I thought 100000m was space and not 700000m, so most of my rockets got up there.. though most never survived coming down... I finally made orbit eventually, thanks to one of hoc gaming's tutorials... a week later, I bought the game on steam.. turns out that the paid version I started with was 0.21, a week before 0.22.. still haven't gotten to eve, gilly, eeloo or any of jools moons except tylo (didn't know about the high gravity, the landing didn't end well)....

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I technically started playing .22 but it was like a week before .23 update, also semi-related fun fact I've never actually played pure stock as I was introduced to the game through the btsm mod I might have to try it out to see how different the real game actually is :).

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Some time between .13 and .14. I still remember when getting to Mun orbit was a seat-of-your-pants guesswork thing and a return to Kerbin was never guaranteed. Now I do it in fifteen minutes with a 100% success rate.

Here's a picture of my first lander in .15 to make it to the Mun. Unfortunately, it froze in orbit due to a part glitch. Fortunately, I had two other landers also sitting in orbit since I was expecting the first one to fail, so I was able to duplicate the attempt the next day, along with a successful return to Kerbin.


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Only just found this thread. Talking about late to the party...

I am a 0.7.3 build veteran. Still brings back great tears of joy, remembering all the times I killed Jeb, Bill, Bob in ill conceived sub-orbital towers of doom/rockets (In my defense, struts weren't added at that time.)

Sadly I don't have the old builds on my hard drive. :(

Too all our brave astronauts, that have come and gone before our time. :)

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