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Dream Cars


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Hello forum, What is your dream car and why?

Mine is probably the Ariel Atom!

Funny you should say that, when I saw the thread title that was the first car to spring to mind.

I haven't driven one but they look like lots of fun, like an overpowered go kart.

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A little car from the early 90s, in a time when all your German 4 Door Saloons were getting Speed Limiters and Throttle Governors this little gem appeared.

Your probably saying, "But Leonov, its just an Opel Omega with a bit of plastic on the front." Well that is where you are wrong. This is a Lotus Carlton, Built on a Opel Omega Body and a Lotus Chasis. It has a Twin Turbocharged Straight-6 engine, putting out 377 Brake Horsepower and 419 Ft-lbs of torque, 350 of which was available at a mere 2000 RPM, It could do 55 MPH in First Gear and had a top speed of 180 MPH (289 KM/H). Had a 6 Speed ZF Gearbox that you could find in a Corvette of that period.

What makes it even better you may ask?, the Price Range on these is a mere £12K-£20K, Thats a Bargian for that much car.

Now for something you can actually find in america.


The Subaru Impreza WRX STI, A monster of a car. Capable of putting down lap times that compete with the Lamborghini Gallardo, This 4 Wheeled demon is the King of the WRC. It has computer managed All-Wheel-Drive one of the best systems of AWD in the world. Powered by a Beefy Flat 4 and a Decent Sized Turbo Charger. This is a Dream Car.

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My dream car? I refuse to pick just one!

I like:

- Ford GT40. This car is faster than many Lamborghinis and Ferraris and is half the price.

- Nissan GT. Again, extremely fast (almost 200mph), seats 5, and conservative enough to drive everyday. All-around most versatile that money can buy. Best part is that it's only 100k.

- Subaru Impreza. This is the car that I will probably buy. You can buy an excellent Impreza for under 10k and it will handle the brutal Michigan winters that I am currently enduring now. Amazing car.

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I had the pleasure of testing the following:

1) Veyron (twice, once in Saudi Arabia thanks to a client)

2) Ariel Atom (in Abu Dhabi)

3) Pagani Huayra (also in Abu Dhabi...notice a trend?)

Of these 3, the Atom was the most fun to drive hands down. The Veyron is an amazing machine but heavy...very confidence inspiring as you drive fast though. The Huayra is probably what I'd get if I bought one of those 3. It's a piece of art, one of the most beautiful cars I've ever had the pleasure of driving.

Still think the Ducati Panigale I got to drive 2 weeks ago beats all of them if you're a speed freak. NOTHING comes close in terms of pure speed rush. I would never buy one though, my life expectancy would likely shrink to below 1 year. First time I twisted the throttle I almost pissed myself.

PS: Aston Martin's are beautiful too, but they are so prone to break down. Had numerous mates with DB9s and Vantages, every single one had their car break down in at the most inconvenient times. One of them got stranded on top of the Gotthard pass in Switzerland due to an "electronic error".

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Probably a Cadillac CTS-V. Or a McLaren F1, if I get rich. Pratically any car which is beautiful and yet comfortable(A/C is a necessity in Brazillian summers of near-40°C!).

ford pinto.

It's funny, because in my main language, 'pinto' is a slang term for... a word that will likely earn me an infraction if I directly say it.

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On 13-2-2014 at 7:52 AM, DisarmingBaton5 said:

I'd rather have an F40

If I ever happen to stumble across a billion dollar, that would certainly be one of the purchases. However, in the real world, where vehicles use fuel and stuff needs moving, I would love to drive a very practical van. Not the most economic option, nor the cheapest when it comes to road tax, but very practical. Open those doors and load 'r up.

When it comes to economy and practicality without needing to transport things, I am already driving my dream car. Having a very frugal car means actually being able to drive somewhere without going bankrupt.



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