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KNSC - Kerbal Nations Space Command - KSP Empire/Clan


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KNSC - Kerbal Nations Space Command

This is a kerbal space program empire/clan (Whatever you'd like to call it)

Based off of Halo's UNSC. (Great game check it out if you haven't heard of it, Which would suprise me if you haven't)

If your wondering my kerbalton name is: Kerbalton Switcher or Kerbalton Commander Switcher (Perferably number 2 because im the leader of KNSC)

We're basically the same purpose as the UNSC.

To defend kerbin, And all of kerbalkind from aggressors.

When we're not fighting hostile alien life (Please come out with a mod that adds covenent like aggressors that would make the KNSC tons more fun)

We search for new planets and anomalies, When we find a new planet (Using mods that add planets) we send some guys down there to investigate it and see if its hostile, After getting a green light or red light (Green = Uninhabited and Friendly Red = Habited and Enemy) we eventually setup satellite to give coverage and network then after we have sattelites setup we then setup a permanent base (Then we inhabit the base with KNSC Science Personnel) And for defense incase enemy agressors find out about the planet we have either some Soldiers or Kerbaltons (These are spartans from halo but with a new name, I can't think of a name so please reply with any suggestions, We'd like for authenticity for it to have something like spartan in it or a word relevent to the best soldiers and the word spartan) To defend the base also we outfit it with guns to fight enemy spaceship and fully outfited tanks and pelicans especially fitted for speed and defense tons of guns and gadgets, Heck of a show when enemies attack. We also have frigates such as "Forward Unto Dawn" (From halo) and "Infinity" (Also from halo) But with different names (Only used their names for examples). We will probably do stories and mission reports, Also we are most likely going to build and release crafts and have their craft files for download mostly frigates for you to use for any of your needs, Also we may release a pelican build too. If you'd like to join the KNSC Reply or send a PM To me with what unit you'd like to be in (Units are divisions, such as kerbaltons or marines, even airforce for driving pelicans basically piloting. Even Captain Guard you protect the captain of frigates at ALL cost) and why you think you'd be a good asset to the KNSC.

Below is our Logo.


Units/Positions Open for Joining

Kerbalton Positions:

Commander (Kerbalton Commander)

Kerbalton Soldier (Regular kerbalton)

Kerbalton Operations Commander (Person who stays on a frigate and runs kerbalton operations, Tells them where to go what to do, Supports them with supply deliveries and gets them home alive at the end of the operation, Pretty heavy task, You still can be a kerbalton and have the armor, and even be in the operations, Just with another commander running the op your in)

Kerbalton Fireteam Positions (PM Me with your reply or PM to join with what fireteam you'd like to be in if any, Positions inside fireteam are fireteam commander, soldier and fireteam field leader hes basically the commander but on the field):

Fireteam Crimson

Fireteam Majestic

Fireteam Switchback

Fireteam Fortune

Fireteam Truth

Once positions are filled up i will update as fast as i can and take away or crossout the ones that are filled.

Well, Thanks for viewing. If you know of any mods that add alien life forms that are enemies and also more than one mod that adds planets and/or one that lets you create planets please don't hesitate to reply to me!

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