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Truth and Reconsiliation - KNSC Mission Report


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Today we release our first KNSC Mission Report

Before you start i want to tell you...

That this is a KNSC Fleet Mission Report. (From the fleet "Truth and Reconsiliation" Our first ever KNSC Frigate, And our most prized frigate at the moment)

That the truth and reconsiliation is still being upgraded (Updated whatever you'd like to call it) To be better than the last version, We are right now at version #1 so it dosen't look much like a Halo Fleet just yet. As my building skills enhance as will our fleets.

Now, Enjoy the report and tell me what i can do to improve mission reports if anything can be improved :)

KNSC Frigate "Truth and Reconsiliation" Operaiton JOOL

At the KNSC Command Base (KSC), Our fleet the truth and reconsiliation Has Transmissioned to us a message. They've run across a new planet... Jool. (In our empire we haven't discovered jool yet) It's a neonish green gas giant. With an atmosphere. Ten times the radius of kerbin, (In Halo They called it "Reach" We have yet to classify a name for it other than Jool) They say they are not entirely sure if theres a surface or even if it's habitable. After we received the transmission at about 20:10 (Thats 7 AM ingame if i am correct i'm not good with military timing so i just made up a number) By the time the transmission ended we had enough information to transmission back to the truth and reconsiliation, That they would be able to depart from orbit with jool at any time, While we built a spy probe to search what we can about Jool for 24-7 Surveillance. Although we could just send a rocket with troops inside of it and land it but we just discovered it and we don't know for sure if Jool even has a surface. (I read somewhere you can land but the KNSC's way of doing things is different) At about 70:20 We discovered a wierd reading from our spy probe. It was later decoded and the reading was using morse code, Only one thing. KNSC Uses morse code, And whatever was out there surely isn't human. We know this because when we had our AI Read it it was morse code being decoded by a network that isn't human and cannot be decrypted by any of our AIs. So whatever it was, It surely needed investigating. When it was night on kerbin our AI's had a stroke of luck and finally decrypted the reading signal. Turns out somehow some technology down there or something was making a wierd reading by a combination of the atmosphere of jool and the technololgy making the signal, The outcome of this is a wierd signal that is very unstable and reads off of near fleets or any technology near, When it found the truth and reconsiliation's signal, It started reading morse code. Even though we should see what the technology is we won't risk sending troops down there to investigate. After a few days of our probe orbiting jool We finally had enough info to try and send troops down there.

Once we somehow landed on a gas giant we found what was making that signal... A downed spaceship, Not by humans... Different metals and designs. Technology so advanced that we can only classify it as "Enemy" We we're able to recover it and have our scientists scan it and figure out what they could about the ship. Where it originated, It's origins, Human or Enemy, Or Precursor.

Situation is still developing as i write this, Hope you enjoyed and yeah be looking for other reports soon!

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