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Pteron Micro Shuttle and rescue vehicle Beta download available(9/9/2014)

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Heat tiles all over...? Can't say I like the idea of that...

Sorry I didn't mean heat tile all over,rather tiles on the bottom and white heat resistant top side like the Kliper in the O.P.

I am still a little shell shocked by how awesome the shuttle looks, the second render is so spot on.

1.8 tonnes seems fair for the weight. The Pteron is built of Karbon fibre komposite and will only contain enough monoprop for docking and a de-orbit maneuver.

So wheels or skids?

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Skids all the way. It's what it's for. Just use a space shuttle if you want wheels. Did I make the point?

Also, the front part of the wings could get some shielding, it's where heat will surely come in for reentry

Ok Blackheart, point taken. The skids are what I had in mind originally and I should stick to the original vision. Did you mean the top edges of the winglets need head shielding? Because the lower leading edges are already heat finished in Daemoria's rendering.

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The 'chopped' shuttle model by Daemoria is wonderful. I hope there will be a version something like this that can be used as a regular ferry to a station, in addition to the 'Rescue' version.

My vote is definitely for skids. I used to try different things such as small girders to make skids for the WEKA.

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This is looking awesome, but shouldn't the heat tiles be a little... flatter?

Like this, for example:


Anyway, this is going to be my go-to shuttle for LKO crew operations. Good luck, guys. :)

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Old'e broke proportions.


I chopped a meter off the length, and used a smaller lens. It's now just barely over 2 meters long.



That's cuter then a basket of kittens :o

Watching this space.

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Hi all,

Couple of things

1)I was decided on the chopped(short) version from the moment that I saw it, it really was like Daemoria looked at my scrawled caveman-esque doodlings and said "is this what you meant? Monkey?" I said "....oook".

It is cuter than a whole bath-tub full of kittens but that is a side affect of it being just the right size for 2 kerbals and nothing else.

2) It is not just a rescue vehicle*, rather a great way to move 2 kerbals any time. I think the fuel will be limited by some semblance of reality and to conserve mass,as I said it will be R.C.S fuel for both docking and de-orbit motors and very little else so if you want to ferry kerbals UP to your station some kind of auxiliary propulsion/service model will be required.

3)The IVA will be very straightforward 2 RPM screens(hopefully) Alt, airspeed, nav ball and a joystick no banks of switches or doo-hickies. Research conducted after the F.R.U.1000 (Fecal.Recycling.Unit) disaster on board KIR space station showed that in-experienced Kerbal crew were daunted by complex flight decks and failed to evacuate before the pollutant reached them.

4) Daemoria, love the banded heat tiles and the expansion gaps between them but I really would prefer them flush with the fuselage where they meet the upper texture,then the chunky size will look just right I think. 7fXeDis.png

1 more light required on the tail below the attach node where the clamp"O"tron will fit, I couldn't show this on the image. If you don't want to take another run at the top texture I would completely understand but something a little more "spaceship white" would be cool. Other than that it is literally perfect...Daemoria, take a bow for the crowd

I am working on concept sketches for the skid landing gear. Working around the ideas of looking cool, being straightforward and fitting inside 3 boxed shaped recesses in the main fuselage only.Trying to keep the wing configs simple as possible, the main body will be hard to config for a noob like me regardless so the wings, at least should be easy. As a side benefit if the wings get ripped off during a particularly fraught descent then the remaining lift in the fuselage and really robust landing gear might make for a live kerbal. Also writing up PART file and probably having too much fun coming up with marketing and background material for the description.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm on this thread, very motivating in a good way. Any UNITY import wizards lurking out there feel free to offer your services either on the thread or PM me..

Eternal gratefulness awaits and prizes more precious than gold.

*Although it will have "RESCUE" written on it....twice.....in big letters...in yellow with black edging


Edit: had a go at the landing gear, in case it isn't clear a section of the heat tiles form the skids and are part of the landing gear module or could be integral to the fuselage model...is that even possible?

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What!? How could I miss this thread!

It's so cute, and tiny! :D My only suggestion would be to increase the amount of MFDs in the cockpit, as it seems that just having two of 'em might be a tad bit slim (unless you're preemptively compensating for the inevitable potato encounter!), and if that's the case... Why not make a secondary IVA with more than two MFDs available as an alt download?

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Forgot that pesky word: Available.
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Might this be what you want to show on your concept? enjoyed making this. Mwahaha


Loving the texture blackheart, the little beauty is really taking shape! The tiles look great, I really liked the radial heat tiles that Daemoria's texture had...any chance you would try a version with radial, larger tiles?

It MUST say rescue either side of the hatch in high vis lettering, sorry to obsess but that's how I am. Other than that loving your work.

The logo is cool but I had in mind a bat wing when I first sketched out the wings of the shuttle,something like this but tidier. VxIu9Gr.jpg

Also The Shuttle is cute and flies, just like a bat.

Taking a longer look at the shuttle I think the side windows maybe need to shift more onto the sides of the fuselage, just a little.

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