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Pteron Micro Shuttle and rescue vehicle Beta download available(9/9/2014)

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Considering that it has been around a year and a half since the last post was made, I'm pretty sure that this is dead. The beta release was around three years ago. Could a moderator please close this. @sal_vager , I don't know if staff have similar roles to moderators, but if you do, could you do the honors and lay this thread to rest?

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I asked @Sage Sagan, @blackheart612, @Daemoria, and @Nazari1382 for permission to update / continue / adopt / release the above named wonderful mod.

I absolutely love this mod and really want others to enjoy it as well. Small footprint, few well designed and textured parts. I like it.

Hopefully I hear back soon with an answer; however in the case I don't hear back, I intend to respectfully proceed as permitted by the individual licenses of this mod as soon as the end of March 2020, .

I will provide recognition of original authors/maintainers; and I will gladly step aside should you ever want to continue this mod yourself.

Thank you kindly in advance!

Pteron: license-CC%20BY--NC--SA%204.0-lightgrey  76x22.png

New Thread Here:


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