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[1.8.x-1.10.x] SmokeScreen 2.8.14 - Extended FX plugin (18 April 2020)


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I intend to update the effect of the kodiak engine (or any engine I plan to use in tight clusters).

As the engines are tightly together I thought about saving particles by having less emissions per engine but some random component in z to maintain a continuous overall flow.

I believe random cone emit or initial offset only works in x and y.

How can I do something like this in z?

Edit N°2 and probably best solution: Using a plume with "partTransform" instead of   "thrustTransform" in the case of the Kodiak for aspects of the plume that can be merged across all 4 nozzles. 

Edit N°1 (original experiment):

From my short test (and maybe this interests someone else):

  • vRandPosOffset
    • Spawns the particle somewhere between the original emission point and the selected offset (in m)
    • The particles all have the same speed and travel in the same direction - it looks more or less uniform (with some randomness)
  • randConeEmit
    • All particles spawn at the original emission point (so it looks pulsed in the first few meters)
    • Particles seem to spawn at different speed and overtake each other and also travel in slightly different directions
      • An alternative that also leads to blurring of the original pulsed emission but looks a bit wilder and flame like as particles which are at different decay stages and very different speeds

Here a picture on how this looks if emission is set very low on a Kodiak (1 engine 4 nozzles that "pulse" at the same time)


Another picture of 5 Kodiaks confirms that randConeEmit gives you a flame like effect whereas with vRandPosOffset it looks more stream like.

With high emission rates I prefer the normal look but if reduced emission rates are needed some randomness with vRandPosOffset gives engine clusters an acceptable look in my opinion.

The only down side is that randomness can "break* the stream look. Another solution would be to have the particles within a multi-nozzle engine spread out similar to the "declutter" effect instead of spawning all together in a big blob but this is probably no achievable with configuration only?


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On 12/4/2020 at 12:35 AM, hemeac said:

@darthgently, should be Alt+p

Ok, that explains it.  The default mod key on linux is right shift, so it is probably when I'm typing cap P in a kOS popup terminal that it is happening.  At the time I'm busy typing and because of lag I couldn't figure out what was happening.  I'd really like to move my 'mod' key to the unused 'windows' key on my machine but when I've asked how to refer to this key in the KSP settings file I got no response.  And I don't know why only some mods seem to listen to the keyboard while I'm typing into a kOS popup terminal while KSP and the vast majority of mods ignore it, but HullCam also triggers on keystrokes in these windows.  HullCam is reading the keyboard directly rather than using higher level methods.  Maybe SmokeScreen is doing the same.  Thanks for the info.  Is there a way to change the SmokeScreen hotkey?

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Posted (edited)

I'm an experienced C# developer and I'm interested in helping out with this project and making it compatible with the newest KSP version. How can I help?

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22 minutes ago, bitbyte said:

I'm an experienced C# developer and I'm interested in helping out with this project and making it compatible with the newest KSP version. How can I help?

Something is not working with the current KSP ? The Unity version did not change in a while so it should still work fine.

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I'm wondering if this is expected behaviour...

If i have max particles set to the default 1,000, I get a very nice long smoke trail.

If I set it to 10,000, my trail gets a big gap near the beginning, and then starts to trickle back in. The actual count seems capped at 1,400?



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Hello there,

I´m having an issue with flames in rockets, no flames at all, I have reinstalled real plumes manually and with Ckan with no changes,  any clue for where to look for to fix the issue would be great.

this the ksp log  https://www.mediafire.com/file/2n40xpniax9aq6g/KSP.log/file

thanks in advance

Edit: Solved


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found a solution
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