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Recommened games for computer?

Rassa Farlander

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Im looking for something new. I love KSP and all, but I need a change.

I picked up Battlefield: Bad company 2 on sale on steam, but it freezes and locks up all the time when playing multiplayer, but is fine with single player.

I was looking at ArmA 3, but it seems like it has gotten a mixed reception, so Im not sure on this.

So I guess Im looking for maybe a shooter, strategy or simulation game of some sort.

Oh and my computer specs:

i7- 4770k

Asus gtx 760

Asus Z87-pro mobo

8 gbs of ddr3 @ 1600mhz


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It's a brilliant city-builder/survival game about a group of families banished from their homes settling down in the wilderness. Build homes, stock enough food and firewood for the brutal winter, and develop the new town from there.

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Are you looking for something to max out your system, or just a fun game? $$$ or free? New or "old"? Here are some suggestions that you might enjoy:

For story and shooting aliens, try the Marathon trilogy. For strategy/ tactics, without having to clear the land, raise the food, feed the chickens, yada yada; Myth. Both of these are some of Bungie's works prior to Halo.

Then there are games like Cube 2 and Nexuiz, if no story at all is good for you.

More recent games? The Portal series, the Half Life series.

New games? Steam seems to have a never ending supply. :)

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Rust looks more fun and fresh, DayZ was really fun the first 6 months, then it felt like bandits wars...

The Arma games are real fun, a bit buggy, but has tons of user created content for free, or mods(Arma2 has, Arma3 is still a bit new, so not as much). Plus it has a mission editor.

And for a all around a "shooter, strategy or simulation", the battlefield games has to be the best. I found 4 to be really fun. (still has a bit of problems, because you know, EA)

I bought BF3 a day ago because it was cheap, and a good amount of players still play it. I'll be able to try it tomorrow morning, after the download is finish tonight.

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I picked up Battlefield Bad company 2, so thats been fun :) Still cant quite get it to work on multiplayer yet :P

Ive been very tempted to get ArmA 3 but I still havent decided, it is $60 for a game that doesnt sounds all the way done yet, although they do have a mod community(sounds familar lol)I like the realism aspect, it just sounds like there are major performance issues with FPS mainly.

I also picked up Sins of a solar empire: Rebellion Ive played it a little bit, but theres a lot to that game to learn lol.

Ill probably end up getting either DayZ or Rust. both look pretty good, and Ive got a friend that plays DayZ. I might get more if I see something else that peaks my interest :)

Ive played both portals and they are great games :) Civ V was good, played way to much of it :P lol

Lemme know what else everyone thinks :)

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Best puzzle game ever made has to be Portal (1&2). The humor is just purely magical. It is something that everyone should play.

If you want to almost completely disregard intellectual challenge, then you should look at the new Shadow Warrior. It is a remake of a classic 3d shooter and it has been made almost perfectly. They took the best bits from the old game (humor, fast action, relaxed atmosphere) and enhanced it with a great story that is told so very very nicely.

Civilization 5. Just a great game and you will spend days and weeks and months playing it.

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