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Total Conversion Reboot!! [Pic Heavy] - Final Mission!

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So, Since the Kraken decided to corrupt my other Career Save I've decided to do a reboot. I've completely redone what mods I'm using, and cut down on which ones I didn't need. Because this is a Career Save I've implemented a few rules (In addition to some hard mode mods such as FAR, DRE, and TAC-LS)

My Rules to Live by:

  1. All Kerbals get a turn, and no Kerbal will fly two consecutive missions.
  2. No reverting flights (And I have edited the save game to prevent this).
  3. Nuclear Devices are not to be fired in, or disposed of on Kerbin. (Meaning I can't crash a Nuclear Powered Rocket into the surface of Kerbin)
  4. No Space Debris. If it goes up it must come down.
  5. Must Unlock each tier before moving on to the Next Tier.
  6. Must provide additional living space for at least an additional 1/2 crew capacity (Meaning if it's a long duration mission with 4 Kerbals I need at least space for 6)
  7. No Kerbal Goes Alone. If it's a long duration mission there must be at least 2 Kerbals.
  8. Long Duration missions are missions that extend beyond the length of a Minmus round trip. (About 4 days)
  9. No Fuel is to be stored on any crewed station or base.
  10. Adequate escape vehicles must be present on any manned station. (Adequate meaning that each crew member must have a means of escape)
  11. All Tech Nodes of the current Tier must be unlocked before progressing to the next tier.
  12. After any Failed Launch/Landing involving a Kerbal a minimum of 3 successful unmanned launches must be completed before the next Kerballed launch.
  13. If a Kerbal Dies during a launch/landing due to failed equipment a minimum of 5 successful launches must be completed prior to the next Kerballed Launch.

List of Mods.

Suit Test

First Flight

To Orbit!

To the Mun!

Munar Landing

Mimus or Bust

Kerpollo 11

Minmus Take 2


Asteroid Redirect Part 1

Commsats and SSTOs

SSTOs part 2

Next Sat up!

Network Complete

Asteroid Redirect Part 2

Trouble Strikes!

Rescue Gone Awry

Station Core

Scotty I need more power!

Station Truss Part 1

Station Truss Part 2

Station Truss Part 3

Return of SSTO

Back to the Mun!

Docking Module

Green House

Lab Module

Daikon EES

Final Module

Space Tourists

Farseer Space Telescope

Farseer Repair

Rescue Mission

To Infinity! AND BEYOND!

Tourists Return

Back to Minmus...

Map time

Mapping the Mun

Mun Map, Take 2

To Eve!

Farseer Upgrade!

To Jool!

Eve Landing

Lab Module 2.0

I need more power!

Beamed Power

Beamed Power Sat

Dres Probe

Saturn V

Jool Dive

Duna Express Part 1

Duna Express Part 2

Duna Express Part 3

Duna Express Conclusion


Manned Dres Exploration!

Eeloo Express

Soyuz to Minmus

Anti-Matter Collection

Moho or Bust!

Jool Tour Part 1!

Jool Tour Part 2!

Jool Tour Part 3!

Jool Tour Part 4!

Jool Tour Finale!

Space...The Final Frontier...

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Sorry about the loss of your previous play through. Glad to see you haven't lost spirit though!

It happens, and you in particular might find some familiar parts! (Hint Hint) Soon as I can get my Toolbar Sorted out I will be starting it up.

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So is Jeb going to be involved in this series or is this going to be a "continuation"

Neither actually. I'm completely starting over, but neither are the Big 3 (Jeb, Bill, Bob) going to be involved. I don't personally like using them, they have their own personalities that have been established, and I like building a personality for the Kerbals. I use.

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Milzon heaved a sigh as he keyed his mic. "System and Life Support checks complete, can I get out now?" he said as he relaxed as much as he could in the cramped confines of the cockpit. "Go ahead and pop the Hatch.


Milzon sighed and opened the hatch to stand by the command pod. "Alright,take a surface sample from the launchpad and we'll get started on the suit endurance test." Milzon sighed again and took out a small scoop and scraped it along the runway, peeling some black gunk off of the surface. He then deposited the sample in the command capsule. "Alright, we need to to walk around for a bit, see if you can get a sample from the runway." Mission Control said through Milzons headset. Milzon simply gumbled as he made his way over to the runway, stopping to get a sample in between.



Once there he spotted something in the distance. "Control, I see something in the distance, I'm going to go check it out." he said as he began walking. "Oh good, that's where we wanted to send you anyway. Need you to get a sample from the shore." came the reply.




Milzon's headset beeped and he keyed the mic. "Go for Milzon." he said into the mic. "Great Job, we're sending a helicopter to pick you up." Milzon smiled as he lay on the beach, his visor open. "About time." he said to no one in particular.

This mission netted me 55 science.

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2 days later a completed rocket sat on the launch pad. Roddan Kerman sits in the cramped capsule standing by for launch. "Roger Control, the board is green." he says as he leans as far back as he can into his seat, ready for the ignition of the controlled explosion that was called a rocket. He didn't like the waiting.


"Launch in 3...2...1...Ignigtion and liftoff!" crackled a voice over Roddan's headset. He keyed his mic and spoke as the force of acceleration pushed him back into his seat. "Ahh, Roger; lift-off and the clock is started"


As Roddan ascended he continually radioed his status to the Kerbal Space Center. "This is Roddan Kerman. The fuel is go, 1.2 g, cabin at 14 psi, oxygen is go."


2 minutes into the flight he jettisoned the Launch Escape System. He was high enough that it wouldn't be needed and he could just shutdown the engines and use the parachutes to land safely. "Tower jettison green." he radioed back to Mission Control.


Once the capsule had reached apoapsis he primed the retro engines. "Control, standby for retro burn. Starting Retro-sequence. Retro attitude Green. All three retros are fired Okay. Three retros have fired. Retro-jettison is back to arm."


Control watched the telemetry from the capsule carefully. Roddan jettisoned the retro rockets and reoriented the capsule for re-entry. This would expose the heat shield to the flames of re-entry.



As the capsule reentered the atmosphere the super heated plasma engulfed the capsule, and just as quickly as it had begun it was over.



At 10km Roddan jettisoned the aerodynamic cap that protected the parachute from the flames of re-entry, followed immediately by the parachute.



1500m from the surface the chute fully deployed slowing the craft for a soft water landing.



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Burburry shuffled nervously as he ascended the elevator to the newest rocket. If everything went according to plan he would be the first Kerbal to orbit Kerbin. At the top of the tower he walked across the gangway and climbed into the tiny capsule. Once he was aboard the gangway was retracted.




Burburry let out a sigh as he flipped the switch to ignite the engines and release the launch clamps. The ship rose slowly into the air as he held onto the controls.


He began his gentle gravity turn as he rose ever higher.


Once he was high enough he jettisoned the LES. He was worried that he wouldn't have enough fuel to make orbit.


Once the lifter stage had burned out Burburry fired up the orbital insertion stage.



Once he was in orbit Burburry keyed his mic. "Control, request permission to go EVA." he said once the acceleration from the engines had ceased. Soon his radio crackled with a reply. "Enjoy your spacewalk." he heard and smiled as he began to evacuate the cabin of air. Once it was empty he opened the hatch slowly and pushed himself out of the cabin.


Once he was done with his EVA he climbed back into the capsule and performed a retro burn with what he had left in his insertion stage. It was enough to put the debris in a decaying orbit, but not enough to ensure the capsules return in a single orbit. Burburry then separated the insertion stage and fired the retro rockets to bring his periapsis down into the atmosphere. Once they had burned out they were jettisoned, exposing the heat shield.




As he fell through the atmosphere super heated plasma began to rush past his small window.


At an altitude of 10km he jettisoned the parachutes protective cap and parachute. He was coming down over the mountains to the west of the Kerbal Space Center.



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I like how it's kinda Earth like, but with a touch of Kerbal :D

Interesting fact: The quotes for my second mission were taken almost verbatim from the Mercury-Redstone 3 launch. Just wait until I start going interplanetary. I'm still working out a few bugs to get everything up and running properly (Kept running into a locked staging issue, not that big a deal with small craft, but anything bigger would be a problem) I need to make another sub orbital hop to get some more science to unlock the last node of Tier 3.

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I'm glad this is here, I really like this kind of stuff. Keep it up :)

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2 days after the last launch a new rocket sits on the pad. This one had a new destination, It would leave the sphere of influence of Kerbin, and go to the Mun!


It was Milzon's turn to go up, so he rode the elevator up to the top of the launch tower and then made his way to the command pod.


Once he was aboard the gangway was retracted to provide adequate space for the solid rocket boosters. (A new and untested technology)


Milzon took a deep breath and throttled up the engines in preparation for stage separation. He hit the launch button and was pressed back into his seat as the rocket climbed into the air.



Once the solid rocket boosters had burnt out they were jettisoned, the parachutes attached to them deployed so that they could be reused.


Nearing the edge of the atmosphere Milzon prepared for stage separation by arming the parachutes. Once he had reached his desired apoapsis he jettisoned the main lifter stage and prepared to circularize.




At this time he also jettisoned the launch escape system, since it wouldn't be needed for the rest of the journey.


Once the capsule was safely in orbit Milzon plotted his course for the Mun, and began his transfer burn.


Once he arrived he used the last bit of fuel in his transfer stage to put himself on a collision course with the surface, and jettisoned the now empty fuel tank before adjusting his periapsis with his return stage.


Once he was close to periapsis Milzon fired up his return stage and circularized his orbit. He had more than enough dV to circularize and return.



Once he was done in orbit he performed a free-return transfer burn that would put his Kerbin periapsis at 21km. At the beginning of the mission power had been a concern, but on the return he had just over 8 hours of electricity remaining (Out of the initial 11).



Once he was at 60km Milzon jettisoned the service module and prepared for reentry. (It was at this point I realized that I hadn't changed the config to include a heat shield)


At 20km the re-entry flames had engulfed the capsule as it slammed into the denser atmosphere.


"Control to Milzon, don't activate your chute until you are blow the cloud layer." a voice crackled over Milzon's headset. "Roger that. I'll hold on then." He replied as his capsule continued to fall. At 2500m from the surface he jettisoned the aerodynamic cap, followed immediately by the paracute.



At 700m the parachute fully deployed and slowed the capsule down to about 2.9m/s A few minutes later Milzon splashed down safely and decided to go for a swim.




(you can also see the aerodynamic cap in the background)

Edited by Taki117

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3 days after Milzon's successful orbit of the Mun it was decided that a mission to land on the "great big rock," as he called it, was already on the launch pad. Roddan and Burrbury would be manning this mission. Two Kerbals were sent so that if anything happened to one of them on the surface the other could return home safely.


Roddan made his way down the gangway with Burrbury hot on his heels. Once the duo was aboard the gangway was retracted and the ship prepped for launch.



The countdown contintued, Burrbury and Roddan making the final adjustments before the main engines ignited and shot them skywards.




The two were going far faster than anticipated, the Refurbished SRBs pushing them to the edge of space. Once they had burnt out they were jettisoned, the parachutes allowing them to be recovered and reused for the next launch.


Once they had cleared the upper atmosphere Roddan jettisoned the Launch Escape System. From here on out they would rely on their parachutes should anything go wrong.


During the Circularization burn the main lifter stage burnt out, and the orbital insertion/Munar Transfer stage ignited to boost the pair to the Mun.


Roddan takes one last look at Kerbin before they fire up the Munar Insertion engine once more to push them out for a Munar encounter.



After the standard Munar insertion it was time to land. The Transfer stage was used to perform the initial de-orbit burn, then it was jettisoned to crash into the Munar Surface at just over 500m/s. The rest of the landing would be performed with the lander.



Initially the landing was performed using the landing legs, however due to stability concerns it was decided to raise them in favor of setting the lander down on the service module. It was determined that this would have a marginal impact on liftoff and would not damage any engines in the process.



AT this point Burburry exited the command capsule and took a surface sample. Before planting the flag he called Roddan on his headset and informed him that "The gravity's fine." so that they could pose next to the Flag.


Once they were safely back inside the command pod Roddan fired up the engines and began the trip home.



Once the pod was at an altitude of 60km the service and lander section was jettisoned to burn up in the atmosphere. Almost immediately the capsule began to tumble with Roddan and Burrbury scrambling to compensate.



(One of the radially mounted parachutes exploded when I took this, No other photos were taken due to the crew fighting the aerodynamic oversight by the engineering team.)

Once they were below 3km the main chute was deployed in reefed condition to help slow the capsule before it fully deployed, gradually slowing them to 6m/s. A short time later they splashed down in the water just off of the coast.




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The day after the Munar Landing the same style rocket sits on the pad. Several tweaks had been made to the lander, including improved engines and landing legs, as well as the addition of sun tracking solar panels. A new recruit had also been hired to account for the new increase in command pod size.


Milzon, being mission commander, was the first to board the capsule followed by Philfort, the new recruit. Due to a slight construction error the walkway was installed incorrectly and was placed at an odd angle.



Once the dynamic duo were aboard the boarding ramp was retracted and the final countdown begun.


"Good luck and God Speed." Mission control announced over their headsets as the main engines were ignited and the rocket clawed it's way skyward.



Once the Solid rocket Boosters had burt out they were Jettisoned and would be recovered for use on the next mission.


At MECO the LES was jettisoned since at this point they could just decouple and float away from the rocket.


As the ship approached Apoapsis Milzon began the circularization burn with the main lifter, but jettisoned it once all its fuel had been used, igniting the orbital insertion and Minmus transfer stage at the same time.


Once in orbit he then performed a maneuver that would match his orbital inclination with that of Minmus. This would make the Transfer burn easier and was completed here instead of later in the mission because the transfer stage had more than enough dV.


Soon enough the crew was on their way to Minmus, saying goodbye to Kerbin one last time.


As they approached Milzon set their periapsis to 12km above the surface and then burned to circularize. It had been two days and they were both eager to stretch their legs, so they took turns going on EVA.


Once they were done with their EVA science it was time to land on the surface. Once the de-orbit burn was complete the transfer stage was jettisoned. This same lander design had landed on and successfully returned from the Mun, so it was more than capable of landing on and returning from Minmus.


With the new autopilot software that had been installed (Simple as it was, it was only capable of performing transfer burns) came a suicide burn countdown timer, so Milzon smiled as he started the countdown from orbit, watching the seconds tick by as they got closer to the surface. Once it reached zero he fired up the lander's engines to full throttle and watched excitedly as he speed began dropping rapidly. A few meters above the surface he made some final adjustments before touching down at a sedate 1.4m/s


Now safely on the surface Philfort clambered out of the capsule and floated gently down to the surface. "Philfor to Milzon, the Gravity is way less than the Mun. I bet I could jump fifty meters here." he said before planting the flag. Shortly thereafter Milzon joined him for a photo from the surface of Minmus. Followed by an off the record jumping contest. (Neither kerbal got above 10m)


Once all the samples had been collected and properly stowed it was time to go home. Philfort fired up the engines (since Milzon flew here Philfort would fly back) and the ship rose into space.


Once they were circularized a very unique thing happened. The Mun poked its head around Kerbin at the same time Kerbol came around Minmus. Philfort quickly snapped a picture the entire Kerbin system visible at the same time.


"Overheat warning? Milzon, what's an overheat warning?" Philfor tasked as he silenced the alarm. "It means we're building up too much waste heat, bring in the solar panels and see if that helps." Milzon replied as he began retracting all but one of the solar panels. Immediately the waste heat began to drop slowly.


With the waste heat issue solved they coasted to reentry and at 60km jettisoned the lander.


Shortly thereafter the plasma of reentry engulfed the capsule as they slowed from 33km/s to a much more sedate 190m/s at which point the drogue chute deployed. Followed by the main chute at an altitude of 700m, leading to a safe landing and recovery, as well as 1600 science points.




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Waste heat? Is that from Interstellar?

It is, and until this point hadn't been an issue because I didn't have enough solar panels to make a difference. I was warping back to Kerbin and it said it was closing my solar panels because of waste heat and I was too far from Kerbin to ride it out. (because I play with TAC-LS kerbals can only survive 2hrs without power) so I had to pop one of them open and hope it didn't go up anymore. It didn't and actually dropped 2 units before I hit the atmosphere.

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Sorry for the delay, I was having some issues with a mod update. Anyway, off we go!

4 days after the last launch the newest rocket sits on the pad. Three new Kerbonauts ascended the elevator of the launch tower. Eddas shifted nervously while Rofen and Macdun chatted quietly to themselves. Soon enough they were nestled snug in their grav-couches.


"55 seconds and counting. Eddas Kerman Just reported back. It's been a real smooth countdown. We have passed the 50-second mark. Our transfer is complete on an internal power with the launch vehicle at this time. 40 seconds away from the Kerpollo 11 liftoff. All the second stage tanks now pressurized. 35 seconds and counting. We are still go with Kerpollo 11. 30 seconds and counting. Astronauts reported, feels good. T-25 seconds. 20 seconds and counting. T-15 seconds, guidiance is internal, 12, 11, 10, 9, ignition sequence starts, " mission control said over the loudspeaker for the crowed assembled. At this point the gangway was retracted and Eddas began to start the ignition sequence.




6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, zero, all engines running, LIFTOFF. We have a liftoff, Liftoff on Kerpollo 11. Tower cleared.



As the Kerpollo 11 climbed into the sky Eddas executed their pitch and roll program which put them on the proper heading. They continued to climb skyward, pitching over every so slowly as they gained altitude.


Once the main lifter had burnt out it was jettisoned, followed shortly by the engine fairing.



Shortly thereafter the orbital insertion and Munar transfer stage was ignited to push the Kerpollo 11 into orbit.


Once the desired Apoapsis had been achieved the Launch Escape system was jettisoned since it was no longer needed. From this point on in the event of an emergency the capsule could decouple and reenter on it's current trajectory. Once the craft had cleared the atmosphere the solar panels were also deployed to provide power.



one they were in orbit Eddas and Macdun began the planning for Munar transit. Once the phase angles were matched the Kerpollo 11 began it's burn for the Mun.


The three of them waved goodbye to Kerbin as they began their transit to the Mun.


As they continued on their way they separated from the transfer section and Eddas turned the Command Service Module around to dock with the lander.




Once they were in the sphere of influence of the Mun the fairing ans transfer stage were jettisoned to slam into the Mun. The CSM engine fairing was also jettisoned.



As they drew nearer the CSM performed a burn to circularize at a 15km orbit around the Mun.


Eddas and Macdun transferred to the lander and decoupled from the CSM to begin preparations for landing.


As they neared the landing site Eddas fired up the descent engine to put the Eagle lander on a suborbital trajectory that would pass over their landing zone.


The landing itself was done entirely IVA with Macdun ridding in the rear jump seat and Eddas piloting the lander. "Beginning braking burn." He said into his headset as he fired up the engines to full throttle.


Eddas smiled as he cut the engines. "Braking burn complete, beginning final descent. 600 meters." he said, keeping his hands on the controls.


"100 meters, slowing descent. 12 meters per second." he continued, feathering the throttle to slow his descent to a safe speed.


"Contact! MECO! And we're down!" he announched as he cut the engines. He then leaned as far back in his chair as he could and heaved a sigh. "Welcome to the Mun." he said with a large smile on his face.


Macdun and Eddas descended onto the surface and planted a flag to commemorate the occasion. They also took some surface samples to return for analysis.


As the CSM came around the Mun Eddas and Macdun fired up the ascent engine to rendezvous with the CSM to return to Kerbin.


The docking was also done entirely IVA, Eddas slowly made his way towards the CSM.


At 12m Eddas began final alignment procedures.


With final alignment complete Eddas drifted towards the docking port, when they were withing 1.5 meters the magnets took over and pulled the Ascent stage in to dock.



Shortly after they had docked Rofen turned the ship around and fired the CSM engine to return them to Kerbin.



As they returned to Kerbin Eddas and Macdun transferred all of the scientific data to the command pod and then took their seats as the prepped for reentry. At 60 km the lander was undocked and the SM jettisoned to burn up in the atmosphere.


As the command pod fell through the atmosphere it superheated the air around it causing plasma to lick at the edges of the capsule.



At 3km the chutes were deployed in reefed condition, the command pod splashing down a short time later.



Edited by Taki117

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Interesting use of the Gemini service module as a descent stage. :D

It was the only thing that fit and had enough dV for landing. I could have also used it for an ascent stage, but I really wanted the two-stage apollo style lander. Also, the Onion makes a really good service module for my earlier Munar (And Minmusian) missions. I think I will reuse that design (Since it takes less time to build and my Duna Window is quickly approaching, I'm on day 36) to get more science.

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Mind posting the mods and whatnot you're using? I'd like to try this..

Oh dear...Umm...Here we go!

B9, AIES, NovaPunch, RemoteTech2, LLL Lite, FAR, DRE, TAC-LS, FASA, KSP Interstellar, Scansat, Home Grown Rocket Parts, Editor Extensions, Procedural Fairings, ALCOR Pod, Near Future Propulsion (For the Solar Panels), KOSMOS (Fuel line and solar panels only!), Fustek station expansion, MechJeb, Clouds & City Lights, Active Texture Management (Experimental aggressive), Procedural Fairings Re-texture, Enhanced Navball, Navyfish's Docking Port Alignment Indicator, RPM (With MFDs), Chatter, Crew Manifest, TAC Fuel Balancer, Deep Space Mission Pack, KER, Fscience Science Transfer, Kerbal Attachment System, Kerbal Construction Time, Kerbal Joint reinforcement, Apllo-like Command Module, Wolf Aerospace LES pack, Kethane, Space Shuttle Main engines, Infernal Robotics, Final Frontier, Realchute, RCS Build Aid, RCS Sounds, PandaJager Labs, EVA Chutes, Tweakable Everything, Tweakable Wheels, MEchjeb and Remote Tech for All, Scansat for all, Remote Tech for LL and AIES, AIES Tech Tree, Hotrockets, Action Group Manager, S2 Crew Tank IVA, B9 .23 update (with Alternate SABREs), Wayland Corp Rover Wheels (And body), Stack Inline Lights and Dockbrite Docking ports, Achievements, Crowed Sourced Science Defs, 6s service compartment system and expansion.

I think that's all of them, I probably missed one or two, and you don't even need all of them (You could probably get away with just B9, AIES, and NovaPunch) but I like them. I was seriously tempted to try RSS and KIDS, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

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Thanks so much!

You're most welcome, I will say this: Texture Reduce Everything as much as possible! (I also deleted the stock part configs so I wouldn't be tempted, but that's optional)

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It was decided that in the pursuit of science another trip to Minmus was planned, using the same rocket design as the first Mun landing and the First Minmus landing. (It takes less time to reuse rocket designs than it does to build new ones every time) Rofden was the first across the gangway this time with Eddas following close behind. (Eddas was chosen to try and even out the number of missions each kerbal had participated in.)


With both kerbals safely aboard the gangway was retracted ant the final countdown commenced.


Rofden smiled as the main engines ignited and pushed the rocket skywards. This would only be his second time in space (Along with Eddas) and both Kerbals enjoyed it immensely.


Once the SRBs had been expended, (The main engine had been throttled down so that they would burn out closer to the ground) the main engine was throttled up and the ship pushed into space.


Once the desired apoapsis has been reached the LES was jettisoned since beyond this point the capsule could return under it's own power.


Once the apoapsis had been fined tuned (Due to residual atmospheric drag) the main lifter stage was jettisoned and the orbit circularized.



The Transfer to Minmus was performed (With a mid course plane change to simulate interplanetary travel) and soon enough our intrepid heros were performing a braking bur over minmus to bring them into a 15km x 15km orbit.


Once they had chosen their landing spot they fired up the transfer stage and performed their de-orbit burn before jettisoning it and preparing for landing.



Eddas started the suicide countdown as Rofden held his hand on the throttle. "NOW!" Eddas shouted and Rofden threw open the throttle as fast as he could to arrest their decent before they became little more than smashed rocket parts and green go on the surface of Minmus.


With a successful landing they both got out and took samples before Rofden planted a flag, after which they posed for a photograph.


Soon enough it was time to depart, Eddas took his turn piloting the craft back towards kerbin, beginning with a liftoff from the surface followed by the slow fall towards Kerbin.



At an altitude of 60km the lander was reoriented to provide for the proper re-entry angle, and the capsule jettisoned to expose the heatshield to the fires of reentry.


As the capsule plunged through the atmosphere muffled explosions could be heard as the rest of the lander overheated and exploded during reentry. Once the capsule had reached an altitude of 3km the main chute was deployed to slow the capsule for landing.



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So with the 23.5 update I've run into a bit of a dilemma. I (Like everyone else) loves the new asteroid redirect option, and the new parts, however because they are not included in the Squad Folder (The original benchmark for a "Stock" Part, of which I deleted all the configs) are they considered stock? So I've included a poll to allow you guys to answer that question for me! (Because while I don't consider them Stock, they were included with the download which makes them not "Mod")

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