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Jury Rigging Ambient Occlusion

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I discovered something wondrous; Nvidia Inspector. With it, you can change the settings that show in the Nvidia control panel for individual programs, including the ones not shown. In the control panel, you can turn on Ambient Occlusion in some games, but not many. However, with this inspector thing, you can force it on. Thing is, you need to set the Ambient Occlusion Compatibility to something. The list has a whole lot of options, each tailored to specific games. Some games that aren't in the list may just happen to work well with another game's listing. For example, Sonic Adventure 2 works with 0x00000023, the setting for 'Fable: The Lost Chapters'. So I ask, has anyone ever tried this themselves and found an option that works for KSP? Heck, I might dedicate a chunk of this weekend to find if any work (there's alot to sift through).

So I tried a few. The ARMA one worked great for San Andreas and Sonic Adventure 2, even better than the Fable one. However, it did terrible things to KSP. Ogjects that were suppose to be behind things were showing through. However, the one for Call of Duty: World at War (0x00000005) worked well. The effect is kinda weak on that one, though. I might try more later, or the peoples can try.

AO off:


AO on:


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