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A cyberpunk advertising tycoon strategy game, set in massive procedurally generated cities with a retro vision of cyberspace.
Broke? Looking to work from THE SKY? Join us in AdvertCity! A huge, procedurally generated place, just waiting to be sold all kinds of junk by YOU!






AdvertCity is a game where you advertise stuff. And do so at a very morally questionable level. And it's got some really badass procedural generation stuff. It's hard to explain, but it LOOKS AMAZING. Seriously, read this:

Explore a massive procedural city, and plaster your adverts all over it. Float around cyberspace and get paid for posting links online. Make your mark on a complex economic ecosystem, direct the future of the city, and cunningly work your way to the top.


AdvertCity is set in a huge procedurally generated cyberpunk city, with glassy water and very abstract visuals, built on top of an incredibly high fidelity simulation. Right now, it's already really detailed, but more is being planned - eventually, the developers want a fully simulated city, where the actions of single people all individually affect the high level simulation, to a huge extent. It'll even have little details, like the lights in buildings switching off all one-by-one as the denizens sleep and go through their lives, and the unpredictability of technological phenomenons such as memes and viral videos affecting the gameplay overall.


The game is set in a futuristic yet bleak world where advertising is everywhere, and you are part of it. You need to advertise for companies, try and maintain your relationships which these companies, and even eventually work up to a huge power, buying out corporations and expanding through both legal and illegal means... but always immorally. Eventually, a citizen can't look anywhere without seeing an advertisement on a billboard, in a shop window, on their phone, on blimps, or anywhere, really!

The game is made by people who love the technology behind it, and spend a lot of time reading up on studies and academic papers researching population densities, land values, terrain effects, and of course advertising. They are committed to having versions of the game on all platforms, and have written their own in-house engine so they aren't held back by any limitations. Every CPU calculation is used to the fullest, meaning even the biggest and most complex cities can run well on old hardware.


Buy it on the Kickstarter early for a reduced price!

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Its nice to see how such wacky ideas are benefiting from kickstarter as traditional publishers wont fund much in something that they arent certain that they will get their investment back.

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