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Any IL-2 Sturmovik Fans here?

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Oh wow. I gotta get me that game. I thought I\'d just continue playing 1946, but now I see my life will not be complete without this.

Meh, I got it. You need a really good graphics card. My dad spent about £50 on a new graphics card for it, and even then there were glitches. I like 1946 more.

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My bad it was winter owl. Here you go


This is the most recent but there is a large collection of more.

It\'s the same guy - he\'s said that he\'s only Winter Owl on Youtube because someone took White Owl.

That being said, I\'ve been following his play of it, and it\'s worth watching, even if you (like me) have no interest in playing the game.

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Its not so graphics intensive as it is CPU intensive, if you have less than 4 cores don\'t expect it to run well, cliffs of dover isn\'t nearly as fun in my opinion, it doesn\'t \'feel\' right... but then it doesn\'t have my p-39 so I could just be biased

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Guest GroundHOG-2010

I do have Il-2, I use Hyperlobby with Steam, so anything on Hyperlobby is good with me. :)

Pm me if you want to contact me on steam, I will tell you my username

I really need to get Il-2 set up again. Once that happens i\'ll pm you, so we can go flying.

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Holy crap, seriously? Before KSP this was my go-to sandbox game.

I\'ve been playing since the first one came out. I now rock 1946 (I don\'t care for cliffs of dover, but haven\'t given it too much of a chance).

My favorite thing to do was build massive ship battles (usually with carriers and airplanes on both sides, too). I\'d set it up so that one side always wins without intervention (just never taking off and watching it play out), then seeing if I can turn the tide on my own with one corsair.

'<What are you doing? Oh noooooo!>' (in russian). Shut up, gunner. I\'ll do what I want!

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Tried it today, since my TrackIR finally arrived. Hooked it all up, plugged in my stick and all that stuff... and then I realized I forgot to pack the damn AC adapter for the stick. So no force feedback.


I know the FF was missing in the initial release, but I assume they fixed it by now. Or at least I hope they did. Couldn\'t really play without it. Either way I\'ll have to live without CloD for a few more days, until I can get back home and get that damn adapter.

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