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Community interest in Gas planet 2

How interested are you in seeing GP2 added to stock KSP  

79 members have voted

  1. 1. How interested are you in seeing GP2 added to stock KSP

    • I am very interested in the addition of GP2 (or another gas giant) to the stock game
    • I am somewhat interested in the addition of GP2 (or another gas giant) to the stock game
    • I don't have strong feelings about adding GP2 to the stock game
    • I'm not interested in seeing GP2 in stock, but I want to see other planets added (share below)
    • I don't think any other planets should be added to stock KSP

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If squad is afraid of some people not having enough memory, they can always make it an official mod.

Until a stable Win64 build is available they basically have to treat everyone as not having enough memory regarding the core game.

Fingers crossed that Unity 5 makes Win64 stable enough for general use.

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Personally I would love to see a second or even a third gas giant, provided it/they have enough interesting moons/features.

Also, I've been thinking that another gas giant would, provided that the delta-v requirements to get there were high enough, be a good solution to some of the balancing issues that I feel the current career mode has. Even before the SLS parts, you could go to Jool relatively easily IMO, and so now by the time you start reaching the end of the tech tree progression becomes less urgent. You've already got all the parts to go anywhere, so having a tougher and worthwhile target that necessitates the late-tech to reach would be cool.

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I'd very much love to see another gas planet - flushed out with monoliths and more than anything, a VOLCANIC MOON (Meaning it would be volcanic red in color and the "water" would be lava textured) - like "Mustafar" from Star Wars except called like "Mustafus" or something.

Oh crap! I can imagine trying to come down and land a craft, then getting pushed off course by a small eruption of methane from the surface! That would be an interesting adventure!

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I don't think it quite works like that. It might be easier in the short term, but all these features still need to be added at some point. If, say, GP2 was added before biomes, then that doesn't actually remove the need to add biomes - Squad would still have had to do it when biomes were added to all planets anyway. Whether that's better or not is debatable, but personally, I'd much rather Squad made the current planets more interesting (like the Mun!) rather than just adding more for the sake of it.

The total work done is the same, true. However, if GP2 was added in, say, 0.21, then it would already be there, and biomes and all that would have been added to it in 0.90. Sadly, it wasn't added, and that means that it will take longer to get the planet finished because there's a higher quality that all the others have. So, GP2 needs to be the same quality. And it takes longer because the quality of the other planets should always be rising. Thus, the longer they wait, the harder it'll be. It'll be more work in a shorter amount of time, compared to the same amount of work in a much larger amount of time.

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UNRELATED: Why does the ocean cover all of Kerbin? Ever notice when the camera slips below the surface you can see the ocean below? I realize this is done to create a 'universal' water level across the planet. But it seems like a very large waste of memory usage having to render the water level below the ground level. It's basically like having 2 planet models for one planet overlapping.

I think this is how they wrote the code for the ocean: There are basically two planets right on top of each other, one's the land for Kerbin, one's the "ocean". I could be mistaken, but I recall seeing this either in the code or an old post. I can't produce a source for this. It's kind of a clever way to do it, but you're right, it could waste a lot of memory. I don't think the game has reached any kind of "optimization"

It is not a necro when the condition has not changed, is it? :)

Well, being a necro only has to do with how long it went between posts, and I think there was a couple months gap.

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before they add new planets i would like them to add the observatory. Where the astronomers have to discover the planets. When planets are first discovered, you should not know much about them, to discover more you should fund research and send probes etc. When they have added that, then add new planets.

I also think that if they should add new planets they should finish all the new ones and release them in one update. It would be a long wait, but it would totally be worth it from my end.

-- liked --

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I don't imagine there's a lot of memory wasted by having water exist under the land. Water is just the same texture over and over, and that texture is loaded when near the planet anyway. There's a little bit for the extra geometry, but triangles are cheap memory-wise.

Even so...

The concrete water effect is partially because of the two separate planets.

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  • 2 months later...

Well Squad has done a wonderful job of keeping it under wraps, but we all know their game...

Looking forward to seeing the new planet in-game.

for the record, nothing has been confirmed or denied, just posted to raise more attention to this cause.

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I have shifted my position on GP2 from my original position. I believe the current planets need to be fully fleshed-out before adding more.


"Very Good, Carol-Anne! Now try to skip rope BEHIND the house!"

As long as most of the locations in the game play mostly similar, new planets/moons will not deliver the kind of fresh and new variety that players seem to expect from them.

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I don't have strong feelings about it. What I would like is for the game to use more procedural algorithms like the craters linked to the biomes and possibly closeness to the existing (or added) easter eggs, to add more interestingness to existing planets.

Sure, a Saturn-like planet would be awesome. I think of majestic rings and a lot more moons than Jool, and since a few mods have added rings (tho I haven't played any) and there's the asteroid spawn code in place, I don't think that would be too hard to implement. But then, if they do develop that code, they could just use it to, say, give Jool a small dark ring and many inner and outer moonlets, and not need to make a whole new planet. Personally, I'm satisfied.

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What we really need is a binary gas giant, each with its own set of close in moons and or rings, as well as moons further out that orbit both planets.With another moon trapped between the two planets so they effectively orbit around it. May not be realistic, but it could be fun.:)

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I REALLY think that Squad should add in GP2 and GP3. With 1.0 out, career mode is pretty complete, so maybe they're going to dedicate more time to the system's planets. But if they can't, maybe Squad can reach out for some community support. They've added in mods from the past (like Porkjet's spaceplane plus mod), so why not do it again? There's already a lot to choose from (like Outer planets, Star systems, Planet Factory, or Abbadon), so all Squad needs to do is plug them into the vanilla game :)

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