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Did KSP go slower/larger?


Hi there,

as I updated to 23.5 I wonder. Somehow my traveltimes taking approx. four times longer. Before updating I launched two vessels to Minmus. The time between each encounter with Minus field of influence of each vessel was ~15h hours. Now I got to wait 2 days and 3 hours till each vessel gets into a orbit of Minmus. On the other hand a got a planned maneuver-node for a course-correction in one kerbal day. Now my kerbal alarm clock tells me I have to wait 4 days till I reach the node. This list can be continued with many other examples. Did I miss something in the changelogs? Or is something broken at my saves? I also tried to restore my old save (backup of the last 23.0 save) but after loading its the same. Here some screenshots (of one and the same save... one on 23.0 and the other on 23.5);


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I think I know what the issue is in this case, especially since you mentioned the "approx. four times longer" figure specifically.

The 0.23.5 update added an option to toggle between Earth Time (24 hours per day, 365 Earth days per year) and Kerbin Time (6 hours per day, 426 Kerbin days per year). After the update, your copy of the game might have chosen to default to the Kerbin Time display rather than the Earth Time one. Fortunately it's a simple fix, as you just have to toggle off an option in the preferences :)

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