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Did you start a new career for .23.5?


Did you start Career or Sandbox when you started .23.5?  

  1. 1. Did you start Career or Sandbox when you started .23.5?

    • I started a new sandbox and got straight to testing.
    • I started a new career and am completing the science tree before building
    • I edited my old career data into a new .23.5 save

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I haven't even played 23.5 yet. I'm still hooked on the modded up .23 career i'm in there middle of. The lure of new parts and asteroids just isn't enough to drag me away from it. Though I'm really thinking about making the switch just for the improved performance a lot of folks have mentioned.

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I started a new one because I couldn't get any asteroids to spawn. I was kinda bummed out at first, but starting a new save is exciting in its own way. This time I am swapping out Interstellar for the Near Future Propulsion pack. I like Interstellar, but I wanted to try one of its peers. I'm also trying out the KSP-TV' Yargnit's Tree. It's a heck of a lot more challenging, but I feel that the pace is a little more balanced and realistic, yet not overwhelmingly difficult.

Right now I'm exploiting the smaller biomes on Mun for delicious science. I've already done as much on Minmus as I can with my current science experiments. Pretty soon I'm gonna have to get my RemoteTech satellites up, because I sense that some one-way trips (I'll rescue them later :P) to Duna and Eve are in order.

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I did 2 of the 3 and an option 4 that you don't have listed but I suspect is pretty common. I waited like 36 hours for the update that automatically converted saves, and updated my career save after that.

But yeah, I also started a new career mode and a new sandbox mode, and a couple other things too like an all-stock mode and whatnot.

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