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Using NASA Mission Control Software with KSP

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If I could get the source for this I could help. I am extremely interested in this and would not mind throwing in the hours to try and finish it up.

There isn't that much source right now; the annoying bit is getting the MCT projects configured for building. Though I suspect if you are a Java developer it wouldn't take that long at all.

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Getting OpenMCT up and running is a real pain. The latest downloads all seem to give me corrupt files. I can get one of the earlier releases to run, but adding any of the views just throws exceptions and fails out.

Think i'll mess around with this a bit in spare time though as it could be fun.

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Ok said the hell with the released binaries, and just downloaded the source and built that. Got the base OpenMCT up and running now, but having issues with the extra plugins that we would obviously want like Earthview and Satellite Tracker. I can compile Earthview just fine, but the plugin doesn't seem to be available inside MCT. And Satellite Tracker doesn't even seem to have a build environment set up, so I need to dig farther into that.

Some of the plugins do seem to work though so I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

@Rich if you happen to pop in here, if you could share anything you learned about compiling and using the extra plugins that would be great.

This is is incredible! I am seriously looking forward to this.

Honestly I wouldn't hold your breath. To the best of my knowledge no one is actively working on this. I am messing around a bit in my spare time for the fun of it, just to see what I can get working.

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Ok said the hell with the released binaries, and just downloaded the source and built that.

Yes, compile OpenMCT from source as the current release binaries are not compatible with the current plugins. I keep meaning to set up a repository for this project, with at least compilation instructions, but external forces keep getting in the way.


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