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Project Odyssey: adventures getting home from an alternate dimension


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This is probably weeks too late, but you can disable the city lights without disabling the clouds. Just delete the /boulderco/citylights directory without touching /boulderco/clouds. This trick is mentioned in the mod thread, but with so many mods it'd be a full time job for you to keep up with all of them.

In one of the episodes I explain it's not city lights. It's phosphorescent moss that's indigenous to the Alternate Kerbin. They are using it for snack production.

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YouTube warning:

A hacker was able to view two episodes that have been uploaded but not aired yet (still private). I banned him. I have no idea if his hacking skills can get around that anyway. Anyone know about this hack?

Quick series update:

* I have not had a lot of time to keep this thread up to date. I'll see what I can do in the near future.

* The same goes for the Dropbox of the parts. It's a problem of audience size. I have 'X' hours to play and so I use them mostly where I have a larger audience. "YouTube viewers" is far larger than "people who download my PART files." I'll get to it, but it'll take time.

* Making the PART file dropbox ZIP is hard sometimes because my install has parts that have not been shown in the series. I need to trim them before I can publish. That sometimes leads to mistakes.

* I've been playing a lot of RSS lately, making a Juno replica (and of course an Atlas V 551). Fortunately I have three episodes ready to publish anyway, so I have some free time to mess around before the series catches up.

* I'll be on vacation Jun 23, Jun 30, and Jul 7 so there will be no episodes those days. Episode 11 ("Rescue") will air this coming Monday. Episode 12 ("Deep Space") will air July 14.

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Maybe I'm the only one trying to replicate the project, don't worry take your time, I appreciate your efforts.

For the Hack, I found some blog post showing some trick (like watch the video thumbs by changing the url query string) but google patched them. I assume you already changed your YT account password so I don't suggest you to do that :)

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How did you installed so many mods? When I try to replicate the modpack the game crushes at loading. Do you have 64bit ksp for linux?

No, he use only a few parts per mods. He create a program that copy only the part he use into GameData Folder. You can find that program (and the customization he made for the parts) in the dropbox folder in the first post.

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Could you do a quick video of the Atlas 551 + Juno mission?

I'll also add that I have been working on it for 3 weeks at about 50 hours a week. (Poor Project Odyssey... no progress in 3 weeks. Good thing I was 4 weeks ahead when I started!) If you want to see a highly detailed Juno then you will not be disappointed. I am making custom PART files for every part in the Atlas V, the Centaur, and Juno itself. Every part.

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Well this I have to see. Will you also release the Atlas V + custom parts?

It's part CFGs (no models and no textures) just like I usually do these days, but yes I'll release my files. All models and textures come from existing mods like KW, AIES, stock, etc. I just weld them together.

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  • 3 weeks later...

The team needed to scan Mun for Kethane, but the first attempt didn't do so well.


The second attempt went better.


It was put in an injection for Mun orbit and the final stage was released.


Back over Kerbin, Bill, Valentina, and Kesla are headed for the station.


Docking went smoothly.


They ran an atmospheric ysis from outside before entering.

(This forum is censoring this word: ****ysis)


Kesla went in first to run some additional tests before Bill and Valentina entered.




There were some strange readings but it seemed habitable.


Valentina and Bill were allowed on board.


Kesla and Valentina headed deeper into the station to check on the other modules.


The Kethane scanner reached the Mun and started it's ysis.


A radiator truss was sent to the station and docked up to provide cooling and extra fuel capacity.



Watch as the saga continues:

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We're having power problems on the station. It's consuming more than anticipated. A new module was sent up to increase our solar power supply.


Several large solar panels should provide plenty of power, plus we have a lot of extra space for spare fuel.


Hadfield Kerman is alive, but in an alternate dimension. Jeb is heading to the Mun to be ready for his return.


Jeb will try to rendezvous with Hadfield at the precise moment the wormhole opens again.



Bob met with Kranz to tell him about a strange feeling he has. He thinks Valentina should not be on the station.


Kranz wants Bob to keep an eye out for additional anachronisms.


One of the wormhole anomaly asteroids is going to pass close to Altero-Kerbin, so we're sending a satellite to investigate.


Watch as the saga continues:

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An asteroid that came through a wormhole has intercepted Alterno-Kerbin and been captured. We're going to investigate.


The science satellite was launched without incident and is now on an intercept course to rendezvous with the asteroid in several days.


Back on Odyssey Station, the Oxygen levels are dropping dangerously low and while a malfunctioning life support system is preventing its replenishment.


An old orbital injection stage is deorbiting while back on Kerbin we're making plans to rescue Hadfield as well as restore life support to Odyssey Station.


Fresh supplies, Oxygen, and replacement parts were sent to the station, allowing an EVA to repair the failing systems.


Neil goes up and down the outside of the station, doing repairs and checking for additional damage.


All seems quiet.


He heads back in.


Meanwhile, Valentina is inside detecting an new anomaly signature. It's coming from Mun, which means Jeb can begin his rendezvous and rescue attempt.


Suddenly there's a flash of light as the wormhole opens and Hadfield comes tumbling out.


He doesn't have long before the wormhole steals him back and he's lost forever.


He's losing air. Jeb needs to leave his capsule to help Hadfield by attaching a backup oxygen supply.


Jeb and the capsule slip into the wormhole for a moment, which damages the RCS and leaves the capsule spinning out of control.


Jeb makes it back to the capsule as well, but without RCS the trip gets a little shaky.


With some daring piloting, Jeb puts them both on a course headed back for Kerbin.


Watch as the saga continues:

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Sweet another episode, if I may ask how much are you dreading upgrading to 0.24.2 if at all? Loving the series by the way.

I don't need 0.24 for anything so I am not upgrading until mods settle down a bit. All my installs are very mod-heavy. My program should make an upgrade into 0.23 for Odyssey quite simple though, if I thought it would work with mods, which it won't.

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The Dropbox craft files are up to episode 14 now, but that also means they have the bad textures and models that I am working on fixing for episode 15. After vacation, I am no longer "ahead of schedule." I in fact have nothing at all for E15 right now.

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