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[FORUM GAME] Rate the avatar of the person above you.


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3/10 can't see what it is.

Edit can see what it is now but still 3/10 because why would you drink bud light?

cuz i was young and hadnt learned what constitutes good beer at the time... however since 2 people said they cant make out what it is ive changed it

guy above me 8/10 cuz yay dragons :)

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Woah, now, does that say what I think it says? :0.0:

May want a different one.

(Personally, I'd find it amusing... 5/10. [Please don't hurt me, moderators!])

you're right i dont wanna get banned. so now ill try this one. nothing offensive here :)

mrrpamplemousse: 9/10 cuz its silly and it moves

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