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[FORUM GAME] Rate the avatar of the person above you.

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6/10 This is KNN at 167230.5112150.0

Word of a giant Kerbal who can walk on walls has been spotted on the forums. Officials are still not sure as to the nature of the behavior of this life form, but he does not appear to be violent. We'll keep investigating. Back to you, Booronik!

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Hmm... Is there a lack of track there? :P


No lack of track, and in fact, here is the full image:


Shows that, in the world's potentially most-sophisticated train simulator available to the public, stuff can still glitch out...

Don't worry, the train passed right through the car, no damage done.

Anyways, back OT, I rate your avatar 7/10 because it's a dragon, but it's a bit dark against the forum background.

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