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Confess your KSP sins

Red Iron Crown

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I must confess that I have not destroyed a building yet, either. We need to start a support group or something. :)

It is rather comforting that I am not the only one.

However I might have cooked up a plan to change the destroyed building tally. Still not going to to directly target my own buildings though. Collateral damages are to be expected.

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Been playing a year and didn't even visit all the planet yet or do a grand tour (to me a grand tour is no refueling the main ship tho).

I prefer roving with rovers (and will with electric propeller planes if/when they get in game) rather than flying my rocket from biomes to biomes.

I once sent Jeb in a solar orbit and let the game at max speed for a whole night. didn't revert either and my game is showing year -232 now. Odd stuff.. oh and poor Jeb. I later killed the mission and he showed back up, but I kept the weird date as a reminder of what not to do.

I let the poor kerbals asking to be saved die in orbit (career missions). Hey it was their space agency's fault, not mine !

I farm money by putting satellites around each moon/planet and doing quick 0.0 point science.

I am a completitionnist and will send a Kerbal into a 6year mission for a couple of 0.1 science gain somewhere on Dres or worse.

I never run difficulty mods (DRE, FAR, supplies, etc) but will install a mod for ONE piece (ie: M27 cockpit from B9, COSMOS for the large solar panels, ditto for for future tech).

I modify stock parts to meet my need (Rapier? Check, Ion? Check)... hey that 2 thrust is trying my patience (bumped to 5), but I am thinking about flight computer just to do these burns precisely while doing something else in RL. What's a 90min burn if the CPU does it for me.

I keep promising my Kerbals they'll go to Duna, Laythe, or other fun places... Only for them to always end-up on Minmus or Moon stuck in rovers for god knows long.

I use part clipping to make small landers, and beautiful things.

I prefer beauty over efficiency, making odd design choices sometimes.

I keep posting everywhere that I want Stock Electric propellers (gah! sinned again)

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First thing I do in all my careers is science spam around KSC, before launching anything.

I'm also guilty of sending my kerbals to the most boring places in the Kerbol system, plundering as much science as I can from Mun and Minmus before doing anything fun.

I revert to the VAB whenever the flight is not perfect, spending hours to tweak a sepatron on a radial booster so that it decouples nicely and other useless OCD stuff.

I build everything perfectly balanced, if not symmetrical. Always.

I like airhogging and OP stock turbojets.

I can't live without Editor Extensions.

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I have used HyperEdit a few times to refill resources on really really long difficult missions where I realized that I haven't quicksaved in a long time and I'm just about to run out of power and only need a few seconds more. If I was way off and not even close to returning, then I consider it a failure and start over.

I have used the debug menu's infinite fuel or RCS for the same reason as above.

I am lazy because I use MechJeb to execute nodes for me, and lift off into orbit even though I'm more than capable of doing any operation myself. I just find the repetition boring after years of playing. I just find the repetition boring after years of playing. I just find the repetition boring after years of playing.

I have sticky pad sheets everywhere around my computer with phase angles and required delta-v written on them for every planet so that I don't have to visit http://ksp.olex.biz/ every time. I also have all the stats of my favourite launchers that I use written down.

I build useless gigantic space stations that have no purpose for no reason, and once I'm done, I return all the crew to Kerbin, dock an engine to it and watch as it de-orbits through the atmosphere and gets torn apart.

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-I use HyperEdit regularly

-I only play sandbox

-I don't use MechJeb

-I reeeeeeeeaaaaaallly hate Jebediah Kerman

-If I ever install a mod, it has to look as stock as possible. Or have a really good reason why it should be installed.

-I don't use FAR/NEAR (have tried. Makes the game unplayable to me)

-Calculations, those are for sissies (or those who are good at math)

-"Return flight?" You mean "Revert to Hangar?"

-"Wait for planets to align to their correct positions before launching interplanetary mission?" Did you mean "Now!"

-I actually bought a joystick just to play KSP. It doesn't work properly. :(

I've never watched a Scott Manley video.

I can say I have tried, but I find his accent so annoying it renders them unwatchable to me.

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added a sin, fixed typo
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I launched an armada of 60 small "Kessler" satellites into retrograde (reverse) orbit around Kerbin at my most popular/crowded altitude of about 80 km, just to see whether any interesting collisions would ever occur. This has recklessly imperiled the lives of all Kerbals who have blasted off into space since then. (But man is it fun to watch the Kesslers whiz by at 5 km/sec relative velocity!)

Once, when a spaceplane ran out of maneuvering fuel high in the atmosphere during re-entry and came in pointed retrograde, I forced some randomly-named Kerbal (rather than his orange-suited companion Bob Kerman) to do an EVA and try to push the nose around at 60,000 meters (and falling really fast). Atmospheric drag soon overcame him and I was forced to bracket-key back to the main craft. We never saw him again and I can't even remember his name.

I accepted a rescue contract but forgot to clear the capsule before lift-off. I forced the original pilot to re-enter hanging on the outside so there would be room for the rescued Kerbal in the capsule and I would still be able to fulfill the contract and get the funds. The pilot did not survive re-entry.

I am seriously considering spending $4,000 on a maxed-out retina iMac just so I can play KSP at 5k resolution.

I dream about KSP.

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As with many: much abuse of F5/F9.

I downloaded Realism Overhaul and then uninstalled it.

I once got impatient and infinite-fueled my way to a rendezvous.

I subjected my Kerbals to explosive decoupling. Sadly, either FAR or DRE is keeping me from doing it anymore.

Now that I've got 6.4x RSS, I'm too afraid to send live Kerbals anywhere, and am doing a 99% unmanned space program.

I never re-use booster designs, resulting in explosions (escape, revert-to-VAB).

In sandbox mode, I have slain literally hundreds of Kerbals trying to build spaceplanes which don't simply slam into the water past the edge of the runway.

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While I'm perfectly capable of launching to orbit, I'm bad at flying efficient ascents, so I always have Mechjeb do it.

I don't plan my missions based on which transfer window is coming up. I just put my entire space program on hold for a couple years while I time warp to the opening I want.

I follow the Soviet Union's example and say any launch that fails before making it to space doesn't count.

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- I used Debug Menu to complete two missions when I had only two unlocks left in Career Mode, because I was completely out of money and forgot that I get money already by accepting a contract.

- I never mind to warp a year forward for a good starting window towards a planet, finished career in year 15 ;)

- After transitioning once manually to Duna I always use Mechjeb Porkchop to reach a planet. But I'm not always going for the most DeltaV efficient launchwindow, if 200 more Delta mean I don't need to warp a year forward, I'd take it.

- I killed one of the Kerbals during EVA on Duna, to high groundspeed while trying to "land" with his RCS pack. Sadly I forgot his name but his mission won't be forgotten, he was the first Kerbal in my Career to have ever put a foot on another planet.

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I never sit down and try to calculate how much deltaV I've actually got in a package, nor do I spend nearly enough time testing stuff on Kerbin before sending it up. As a result, I landed on Tylo successfully, but only by using the orbital tug that was supposed to take my lander home as a descent stage. When I actually got to the surface, I then couldn't plant the flag because I stupidly left an MK-1 lamp sticking right out of the middle of my descent ladder (D'ohh!). Fortunately I had other ships in the system that were able to rescue my stranded lander, or else poor Anfrod would have been stuck in Tylo orbit forever.

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most of the time my missions and time building starts with "i should destroy that thing on that planet/mun that i put there earlier"

which normally ends up in me uploading a non blow crap up version of things with an excuse for it to exist like transporting kerbals or something.

I also know way less about KSP than people think, i just try things until they work. Not enough fuel to get to the mun? re build try again, i dont calculate anything.

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couple things accumulating into one big thing:

i can't stand warping more than about a week. if there is that much time, ill do some stuff on the mun/minnmus.

everything about a rocket has to be perfect. error during launch? revert. something broke off while landing? revert to last quick save. (although I'm starting to limit myself to launch reverts and areobreakings)

i overengeneer by default, but can't stand it and constantly redesign.

i reset my game almost every save.

result: I've landed on duna once, KSP updated before i could get a transfer window back. the rest of the times i haven't even got any transfer windows.

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- Most of the (forum) Rep I've got was due to being nice or funny. There's talented modders and fantastic craft builders with less Rep than I've got. :blush:

- I procrastinated the living hell out of my first manned Duna mission. Been playing since 0.17, but I finally did it about a week before 0.25 was released. They're still there, assuming they didn't die when I deleted 0.24 for good.

- I get irrationaly annoyed when someone writes "Minimus", "Kerban" or "Jebidiah".

- I once got mad at Regex for being too grumpy.

- I can't stand playing stock. Every time there's an update, I'll make two saves ("modded" and "stock"), but I always end up deleting the stock one. I feel naked without my mods.

- I let Mechjeb do most maneuvers for me. I've been playing for so long, that launching a rocket feels like writing my name. I prefer to focus on building a rocket that performs well and has just the perfect ammount of Delta-V for its job. I always do landings manually, though. Don't wanna get rusty!

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Let's see...

1) My only return trip from Duna required me to use the cheat window. I ran out of dV before my trajectory dropped into Kerbin's atmosphere. I gave myself infinite eva fuel and pushed the capsule back.

2) I've only done one return trip from another planet (see above). I keep planning a grand sandbox mission of depositing a kerbal on every solid body and then returning with a mother ship to pick everybody up. I reset this mission with every update and the furthest I've gotten is construction of the mother ship.

3) I've killed 20+ kerbals at a time in missions. All time best was realizing as the reentry flames appeared that I left a section of a space station packed with kerbals.

4) I've only ever docked with mechjeb. I wish I still had pictures of how I got so far in #2 without docking.

5) I've never been to Eeloo.

6) I've hit Kerbin's atmosphere at 8km/s and still accelerating. Nobody in their right mind would ever offer one of my astronauts a life insurance policy.

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When building spacestations or ships with multiple kerbal-holding parts (command pods or crew compartiments), I feel I absolutely must have them connected by parts that can plausibly be travelled through by kerbals (read: structural fuselages). Under no circumstance do I want to have them connected by fuel tanks or things like octagonal struts.

I know it doesn't matter and you can use the new transfer kerbal function to hop between compartiments no matter what lies between them, but it just feels wrong to me to hop them across parts that obviously would not have passages in them.

This means that my space stations are horribly inefficient and overweight, and on the occasions that I do need to use things like fuel tanks to connect living quarters because of structural reasons, I feel terrible about it for days after.

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I stopped playing KSP as soon as it cost money. After a year or so I remembered it exists and bought it around 0.18. Talk about culture shock! The last time I played they had just added the Mun! I still regret what I've done but I've been loyal since.

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