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Confess your KSP sins

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After vastly underestimating how much EVA fuel I needed, I found myself 10km from my ship, with no choice but to walk. I didn't particularly fancy the long hike, so I found a faster way to travel. 1.6Km in about 2 minutes isn't bad!


This is why Imgur needs an automated gif creator.

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With a new baby in the house I have precious little time for KSP.

I automate everything, nappy changes can be fitted in around interplanetary burns on autopilot.

Previously I jused used MJ when I was fed up of launching craft 20+ times in a sitting, I used to always play career and even pushed myself to use remotetech.

Now no time for any complications, I just need to automate EVERYTHING! Its either that or no KSP

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About a day into the game I decided to complete a plant a flag mission on the Mun. I botched the landing sending the vehicle onto its side. Attempted to right the thing and managed to destroy the fuel tank. I made a few remotely operated rescue attempts that also failed due to poor landings (ironically as I was able to make successful landings in other areas of the Mun.) Finally I gave up and left my Kerbal stranded on the Mun for twenty years before I remembered to get her back home. She was never the same after that.

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I almost always use the Infinite RCS and Fuel cheats in the debug menu. RCS especially since I've gotten better at managing fuel. For some flights though like in my Shuttle missions I don't use either since both the fuel and monoprop are more than adequate.

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I use HyperEdit to get mapping satellites into polar orbits: I do not trust MechJeb for any form of orbit requiring the most precise of inclinations.

I have absolutely no abiltity to dock anything: MechJeb does that for me.

Within the first 2 (real life) hours of playing my BDarmoury save, I had killed 50 kerbals: Yes, that many kerbals!

I am addicted to MechJeb: Anything lifting off of the Launchpad does so on autopilot.

I have built 8, yes, eight Danny2462-style mass relays and catapulted around 80 kerbals out of the Kerbol System!!!​

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I spend way too much time on the forums.

I really like the community here; since joining I've learned a lot about rocket science (and hopefully passed a little bit of it on to others, too), read something that makes me laugh out loud almost every day, and had enjoyable conversations with smart, like-minded (or not so like-minded) people. So thanks for that. :)

But seriously, I could have written a novel out of the text I've posted here. :)

Also: 10k!

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[reaction gif redacted by rules]

[other comment redacted by rules]

[comment about 10k posts censored]

I also spend too much time on the forums when I should be pretending to work. I also tend use MJ and other "cheaty" mods because I can't stand stock SAS.

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Ive done everything, when i comes to flying so i let MJ automate everything, with only essentials being manual. Although, sense yesterday i no longer trust MJ that much, because it smashed my crewed landing into the surface at a few hundred meters per second on duna. They hardly survived because i deployed the chutes.

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I've never built a successful space plane.

I use Mechjeb for nearly everything, from launching to landing.

I constantly say I won't use any more mods..... then download more mods and crash my game, so I have to re-download the game.

I've used the revert button so many times it's a wonder why I even worry about damaging my buildings or killing my Kerbals.

I still do not know all the button combinations to do things like quick saves and other little minutia.

I've never completed a space station

I've never left the Kerbin SOI.

I've been playing for almost 6 months..... I've only landed on the Mun once........


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Ok, here it goes... and no laughing, y'all!

  • I am probably on the forum more than I play KSP...
  • Am thinking about writing a history of the Kerbal stuff I have in my head... (I am an historian by profession)... :confused:
  • During long staff meetings I will actually plan my next experimental craft or even begin to plan the next mission...
  • I use MechJeb for docking only (after all, not even real astronauts dock with the ISS in manual mode...) :cool:
  • I sometimes think MechJeb is modeled after HAL-9000... :blush:
  • I also use Kerbal Engineer simply because - I CAN.
  • I recently uninstalled fifteen mods to help with game speed.
  • I've been working on a mod since .24 and still am no closer to figuring out how to make it. Came close with 0.90, but with the new graphics requirements, I probably need to start all over.
  • I added my own special Kerbal - Ralph Kerman. Even though the game claims he is an engineer, he loves to fly. I often pair him and Jeb together and watch the smiles... and also has an badS=True!

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I have been out of Kerbins SOI once.. and I can't seem to get the probe back home.

I keep wanting to do a realistic Duna rover mission, but can't be bothered to come up with a viable way of transporting my rover (now with functioning robotic arm!), nor can I be bothered to send mapping sattellites to Duna. I have been using the excuse that I am "testing various rover designs" yet 23 perfectly functioning rovers in.. still haven't even tried to launch them.

When landing on the mun or minus I kill vertical velocity >15km from the surface.

I have never built a functioning space plane.. unless a rocket with wings counts.. although.. it only achieved a suborbital flight.

I made a shuttle clone thing and got a suborbital flight and said "mission success" instead of actually getting it into orbit..

I frequently install and uninstall remote tech. Thinking it will be different this time.

I refused to learn how to rendesvous until I decided to build an iss style station.. and then took 8 hours reverting flights when I would screw it up.

And finally.... I've never unlocked a science node passed 300 tier before starting a new career..

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