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I am struggling with the Mohole - PICS

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OK - I had a tough flight to reach and rendezvous with the fast little planet.

Then I had a tough time driving my heavy and unstable RCS tanker rover to the hole.

Then I had a tough time landing the return lander with my Kerb onboard (I did the classic rookie "land-tip-takeoff sideways and try again" thing).

Then I had a bit of a tough time flying my RCS hopper to the hole as gravity is a bit higher than the Mun.

I have finally rolled up my rover and hopper to the edge.......but my troubles continued.

FIRST DECENT: I let the Hopper travel down too fast, lost control, smashed the wall (A lander leg did make it to the bottom in one piece).

SECOND DECENT: Reload (yes thats a lame move) a nice decent, but just before the bottom the view starts to rotate unexpectedly which disorientates me. I hit the wall and mash the Kerb on the wall until he is hanging half out his seat. I recover the situation just before the bottom, then I thrust up and make good headway, running out of fuel just before the top. I have RCS in the Kerb so I try to get him to exit his seat to RCS back to the rover but he is stuck!! Eventually up motion turns to down motion and after accelerating to 100ms he smashes to death with me still trying to save him.

So I need to think about the third decent. I think I can get back up with only 30% fuel but I need a reserve for the refuel manouvre with the rover.





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I apologize, but shouldn't it be 'descent' rather than 'decent'? The second attempt seemed pretty decent actually, so if you are prepared for the camera glitches and don't mess up you can probably make it back up.

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We have a 90% success. I got to the bottom and back up, but I ran out of fuel trying to refuel on the rover. Now I need to drive the horrid rover to get my kerb back to the lander!!




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I'm not sure what I did to get Obton back to the lander is ethical. I drove that dreadfully handling rover (full of RCS and no way to vent) to the top of the ridge on the way back but then I rolled it. I didn't have the RCS to EVA-fly the remaining 3kms, but it was 2/3 down hill so I used enough RCS to get forward motion enough to get him to tumble down the hill (you know how they just keep tumbling). This got him to the bottom using hardly any RCS (took about 3 tumbles). He then EVAd to within 300m and I ran him in at 4 x speed.

He is now in the return ship.

From the north pole you need to carefully decide what direction to achieve orbit in lols (every direction is south).

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