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AIES engines slightly unbalanced?


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There is a bug where MJ doesn't report your dV correctly, looks like you've got it.

According to my research, this bug is connected with your "core" part position. For example, if your parent part is crew pod (and it's likely to stay with the ship all the time until you destroy\recover ship), your dV will be correctly shown. But if your core part is, say, last stage of your launcher (you save payloads as subassemblies and then put them on rocket), there is two main bugs:

- First, MJ will not show dV for your payload (Can be fixed by using SelectRoot)

- Second, when you decouple "core" part, it won't show correct dV calculations (Try to add another stage to your ship - in most cases, it may help)

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Mmmmmyum, sorry. Just pointing out that the laws of physics are the laws of physics: if your wet mass is x, your dry mass is y, and your specific impulse is z, your delta V will be ln(wet/dry) * 9.80665 * z

Or, for some reason, in KSP, 9.82 rather than the actual value of g0 (9.80665).

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