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Satellite Rendezvous Challenge


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Simple challenge, difficult to execute. Launch a satellite in near kerbin, circular obit. Launch another craft (rocket, space plane, etc) and try to get it to meet up with the satellite. Basically, your trying to get close enough to the craft so you can dock, just like how the space shuttles met up with the spacestation.

Any parts are allowed, just make sure they\'re reasonable.

the closest distance is the winner. Please screen capture the satellite distance as proof.

Make sure both the satellite and the craft are both going the same direction. Making them go opposite directions and screen capturing right before collision is not acceptable.

Good luck y\'all

Edit: well looking around the forums and seeing the many pics at successful attempts (and seeing how uranium already got two satellites nose to nose making him the winner) lets make this more difficult:

Get a target satellite in orbit and get as many other craft to rendezvous with it. They must be within 300 meters of the target satellite in order to count. Highest number of junk around your target satellite wins and none of the craft can be debris.

Oh, to help you guys out, I have a guide that will definitely help. With it, I have rendezvoused with Mun, and have safely got back to Kerbin after a Kerbol mission. Link:http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=7138.0

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I was going to up the anti and park inside a discarded space jaintor I had made (i think it would have worked, but had not been able to get a orbit match to any other satalite).

I got close 5.1km then using the Nav ball to oreitate to up and down, left right, back and forward and using the center of the ship I as a guide to know when to vector in each direction.

I got the ship close so close the that distance information disappeared even when hovering the mouse. I waited for the ship to turn (the debris was in a sping) unforuntatly I ran out of RCS fuel and try to use the vector engines to finish. started going into the opening and then the debris just started exploding. I think it was the curse of the lander leg. the debris went wobbly and knocked of the ships fuel tanks.... good thing end flight bring the little guys back because they screwed at the moment...

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I can proudly report the rendezvous of Orbiter I-I (Jorsy, Danlorf, Adski) and Orbiter I-II (Sherdred, Alwin, Dancott) at 500.000m!

After the Communication via walkie talkie cardboard signs was succesfull, both crews agreed on a cold after-landing-beer back on Kerbin (Danlorf was already full of anticipation for this part of the mission 8)).

Mission Pics below.

@duckunlimited2: Thank you for your tutorial on the other thread, it worked perfectly. After the transfer orbit i got a distance oft 18km. The orbit of Orbiter I-I was a few hundred meter lower so both Orbiters got to a distance of 200 meters without any ajustments needed. From there on it was an easy RCS job.

I feel realy Sad now... While writing the lines above, during the simultaneous reentry of both vessels the contact to Orbiter I-I got lost for onknown reasons. I-II landed succesfull. :\'(

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