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Favorite Car/Truck?


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I own a C5 Corvette, but really want an Ariel Atom. Although I'm considering pulling the LS1 out of the Corvette and putting into my own version of the Atom. And then replacing the LS1 with an LS7.

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The topic of 'my favorite car' reminds me of how I go car shopping...which doesn't happen all that often! But here's how it goes:

I'll walk onto a car dealership's lot and am approached by a salesman. When they ask what I'm looking for, I put my arm around their shoulder and wave expansively with my other hand to indicate the whole lot, saying "Which of these cars flies?"

"Um, pardon me?" He gives a weird laugh. "Unfortunately none of them."

To which I reply: "Then as far as I'm concerned, these are all worthless crap. But I need to buy a car anyway, so if you're nice to me I might buy it from you."

Definitely puts them on the defensive.

That said, I do love racing games, and I tend to like best those cars whose driving characteristics suit my racing style. For some odd reason I've always done well driving Mazda RX-7s in Gran Turismo and Forza. In Assetto Corsa my go-to car is the Tatuus Forumla Abarth with the Lotus Exos 125 a close second. And while I've never driven one, I know I'd love the Ariel Atom.

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Bonus points for having two built-in reaction wheels.

Favorite exotic:


Favorite car I could conceivably own:


Current car (I love this little thing):


Not mine, but just like it.

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