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[1.1.3] Part Wizard (1.2.5) [22-Jun-2016]

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Part Wizard is a vehicle design utility plugin that adds a few conveniences when building your next strut/booster carrier.

  • Provides a list of parts with part highlighting for easier identification.
  • Allows deleting of parts from the list on eligible parts.
  • Allows complete control of symmetry on eligible parts.
  • Allows selecting parts for Action Group assignment.
  • Shows either all parts or only those that are hidden from the editor's Parts List. (Helpful in finding obsolete parts when mod authors make updates.)
  • Shows unavailable parts in career modes with options to buy one or all necessary parts for launch.

What's New

  • Updated for KSP 1.1.3.
  • Uses the new part highlighting capability introduced in KSP 0.90.
  • Action Group support.
  • Career mode part purchasing support.
  • New icons with stock toolbar support.

Pics for Clicks (Updated for 1.2.x)

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Download from GitHub

Download from Curse

Source at GitHub

Supported Add-ons

Toolbar 1.7.12 (or later) Direct
NOTE: Optional as of 1.2.1.

Known Issues

  • Use of the new editor gizmos will reset parts to their natural symmetric locations, including parts that have had symmetry edited. It is best to use the new gizmos to position your parts before editing/breaking symmetry.


blizzy78, for the Toolbar plugin that saves modders time and effort plus keeps your KSP decluttered.
sarbian, for reviewing Part Wizard and making suggestions (even though I haven't implemented them, yet!)
m4v, for allowing the use of editor locking code as a model for the feature in Part Wizard.
antgeth, for the feature idea that led to the Symmetry Editor.
Vlos, for the Action Group part selection idea.
Papa_Joe, for generously taking time to implement stock toolbar support. Many thanks!
linuxgurugamer, for updating to KSP 1.1.


The Part Wizard plugin is licensed under the terms of the BSD Simplified open source license.


1.2.5 [22-Jun-2016] - Updated for 1.1.3, fixed loading toolbar preference when entering VAB/SPH.
1.2.4 [20-Apr-2016] - Updated for 1.1.
1.2.3 [ 7-Sep-2015] - Fixed bug in application launcher causing duplicating Part Wizard icons.
1.2.2 [ 8-Jul-2015] - Updated for 1.0.4, fixed bug buying parts when one or more parts aren't yet unlocked.
1.2.1 [11-May-2015] - New icons and stock toolbar support added.
1.2.0 [ 6-May-2015] - Updated for 1.0.2, new highlighting, Action Group support, career support, bug fixes.
1.1.2 [19-Dec-2014] - Updated for 0.90.
1.1.1 [ 8-Oct-2014] - Updated for 0.25, highlighting bug fix, ATM configuration added.
1.1.0 [ 6-Jun-2014] - Symmetry Editor, improved part highlighting, bug fixes.
1.0.0 [15-May-2014] - Initial public release.


Edited by ozraven
1.1.3 release.
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this looks totally great!

one request; i have no idea how plausible this is. in addition to breaking symmetry, is there any possibility of reducing symmetry? i.e. let's say i have 4x symmetry on a part. the press of a button it would convert it to two pairs of 2x symmetry.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words, I'm excited to share my first (public) mod with the KSP community. I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise to see great things from this many "rocket scientists" yet I'm amazed daily at everyone's creativity and ingenuity. :D

this looks totally great!


one request; i have no idea how plausible this is. in addition to breaking symmetry, is there any possibility of reducing symmetry? i.e. let's say i have 4x symmetry on a part. the press of a button it would convert it to two pairs of 2x symmetry.

I like this idea and I've added it to my list. I think it would be fairly easy to do as far as the basic operation of creating new symmetric groups from a pool of already-symmetric parts. The trick may be in how to know which parts end up as symmetrical pairs? Think of a circle with 4 points at 90 degrees, clockwise A, B, C and D. Does symmetry reduction make the pairs A & B, C & D, or A & C, B & D? I think either answer is valid, so then it becomes a matter of providing the UI to choose. At that point, you basically have complete symmetry control - which is fairly simple with an initial set of 4, but becomes much more interesting with greater numbers! (Starting with 5x symmetry, you could have 3-part and 2-part of any combination...)

Since this breaks symmetry this is actually a good way to get light pairs properly placed and then change their color independently.

Cool! I tested symmetry breaking with Procedural Parts because I couldn't think of a stock tweakable part. It should also make for some interesting possibilities with the latest Infernal Robotics. antgeth's idea of symmetry reduction also adds to this idea.

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