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[1.3] Kerbal Flight Data (Release 23, 2017-08-14)

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Yes! A new release is out. It allows you to set the text location in IVA mode via the configuration file.

Go to GamaData/KerbalFlightData/Plugins/PluginData/KerbalFlightData/settings.cfg

and set

topAnchorOffsetX = someValue,

where someValue can be between -1 and 1. 1 is the right border and -1 the left border. Simple, stupid.

I also continued to mess with the display of vertical speed. Not really happy yet.

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Great work! This is just what i needed!

Just a quick question, you say that you plan to 'add EAS', but what is EAS? It is also shown on the navball in the last screenshot, but i am not sure what it means.


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EAS is equivalent air speed.

Say you fly at a given EAS at any altitude. Then your plane behaves roughly as if it was flying at that EAS at sea level. At sea level EAS=true air speed (TAS). But at altitude EAS<TAS because the air is thinner.

The mach number plays a big role, too ofc. So supersonic flight at some EAS at altitude is not the same as subsonic flight at the same EAS at sea level.

FAR can change the stock speed display to EAS.

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New version is out, and available for download from my GitHub site.

I'm positively surprised by Unity 5's overhauled GUI system. It comes with components that handle the alignment of GUI elements and other components that render special effects like text shadows. KSP uses this system and i refactored my code as well to take advantage of it. Let me know if there are issue that i might have missed to fix in the process.

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Hi, couple questions about both Kerbal Flight Indicators and Kerbal Flight Data, both of which I've been using since each came out (and I don't play without them.)

1. For KFD, is the data supposed to be that close to the bottom of the screen? In 1.0.5, they were a bit further away from the edge, so I was wondering if there a way to move them up a little.

2. While changing "useAppLauncher" to false worked for disabling the icon for KFI, it doesn't seem to want to work for KFD. Suggestions?

3. Not a necessarily a question, but the horizon indicator is sort of hard to see in-game. I saw that the CFG contains "horizon color" as a sting of values, so I'm probably just going to experiment with those.

4. Speaking of KFI, I see that you still include the old images and configuration for the old graphics. Why? Out of curiosity.

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1. Yeah. Noted.

2. Okay. Will take a look at it.

3. Sure. That is why the options are there. I used colors consistent with the nav ball, obviously.

4. Because reasons. Just kidding. You can use the old graphics if you want to. For convenience, the corresponding filename can be set in the config file.


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