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A Delta-V Map for simple flight paths


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While there are good Delta-V (ΔV) Maps available, they all rely on departure burns in Low Kerbin Orbit (LKO) and an understanding of Phase and Ejection Angles.

Beginners that do not yet feel comfortable with these concepts might try to reach other planets without these advanced maneuvers and ask themself if their ship has enough fuel/ΔV to accomplish the task. While Stock KSP does not display the ships ΔV, Plugins like Kerbal Engineer Redux can help with that.

So I put together a ΔV map for the most simple flight path to other planets:


  1. Get from the launchpad into a 75km LKO
  2. Escape Kerbin's Sphere of Influence
  3. Change the inclination to match the one of the target planet
  4. Perform the first Hohmann-Transfer burn
  5. Fine adjust the trajectory to a low orbit around the target planet
  6. Perform a circularization-burn in the low orbit around the target planet




Pre V1.0 Version:




The ΔV-Values are just a bit larger than the minimal amount needed, so build your rocket with spare fuel.

Since most planets are on an eccentric orbit around Kerbol, I gathered data for the minimal and maximal ΔV needed in the columns "Intercept / first Hohmann Burn" and "Circularization @ altitude".

I did not include Moons, because the ΔV needed to reach them is smaller than the ΔV needed for the circularization burn at the Low Orbit.


Here is a comparison with the values of this ΔV-Map for a flight from the launchpad to a low orbit around the target planet.

Planet Advanced flightpath Simple flightpath
Moho 10040 10550
Eve 6280 6950
Duna 5100 6150
Dres 7260 8800
Jool 8570 10400
Eeloo 8190 9150






So the method described here is a lot less efficient, but at least more easy to accomplish.

Reduction of needed ΔV

There are several kinds of maneuvers available to lower the amount of needed ΔV.


Version 5, License: 80x15.png

The best part for me about putting this map together was, that for the first time I laid my eyes on Jool and it's moons. :-)

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I updated the chart for V1.0.4

- Adjusted Kerbin Launch to LKO

- Adjusted atmosphere altitudes for Eve, Duna and Jool

- Retested Jool values (they still fit)

- Changed comparison table to WAC's ÃŽâ€V-map

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