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[1.11.X] Tantares - Stockalike Soyuz and MIR [4.0][17.3.2021][Lunokhod]

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2 hours ago, Well said:

Now the Russia's "new" next manned rocket.... is Sunkara / Feniks / Soyuz-5 what ever (decide please lol )

To make some things clearer:
Feniks (Phoenix) is a name of an R&D project for a new LV development done by Energia corp.
Soyuz-5 (Union-5) is a name for a russian variant of an LV
Sunkar (kaz. Falcon) is a name for a kazakh variant of an LV

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On 11/08/2017 at 2:51 PM, Well said:

Ok Russia launcher for PTK change again...

Now the Russia's "new" next manned rocket.... is Sunkara / Feniks / Soyuz-5 what ever (decide please lol )

Not easy to reproduce with the actual parts in 1.875. Boring rocket but work fine.



It's so cute!

On 10/08/2017 at 9:22 AM, TheBedla said:

Hey guys, seems like Tantares is close enough to reality at least for Czech journalists :D

Ohhh no the first time it has happened :) 
At least this time it is not a strange UFO website.




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I thought the "bad things when you deploy chutes under timewarp" bug was not an issue any more, I was wrong to the tune of 3 kerbals.

VA capsule left just short of orbit by overzealous pitch down, takes 2.5 days to get down, landing on water. Chute opening pulls 113.201 g's and the crew die, this als destroys the chute and heat shield so they hit the water at 150 m/s.

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