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How is the moderation team structured?

The moderation team consists of volunteers who oversee the activities on the forums and step in when trouble arises, lead by a Community Manager who is a Squad employee. The moderation team's goal is to foster a mature and safe environment that promotes fun and maintain the forums as a source of community and point of contact to the developers. But which moderator does what?


  • Community Leads
    The Community Leads are ultimately responsible for the community. They are the spokespeople of Squad and will the ones posting announcements and such.
  • Global Moderators
    The global moderators work directly with the community manager to handle the forum and other parts of the community and will most likely be the most involved in issues that arise on the forums. They oversee the activities of the moderation team, make decisions in tough cases and perform small administrative tasks on the forums and the other community services.
  • Team Leaders
    Team Leaders moderate the forums and oversee a team of newer moderators, helping them to make the correct decisions where needed. 
  • Forum Moderator
    Forum moderators are junior members of the moderation staff that are responsible for the day to day handling of topics. 


The List

Community Lead: @Badie
Community Lead: @UomoCapra


On the bench:

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