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.mu Files: Info? Opening/Editing?

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Sorry if this is a dupe thread, just wondering if anyones found a way top edit .mu files. All the other things I've read basically have said you would need to write your own importer to get them into unity. Has anyone done that?

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taniwha has made a python script for Blender (which is free) so you can import/export .mu into there to work on it, or export it out again if you use a different modeling program.

http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/43513-Blender-mu-import-export-addon (github link in the thread there - installing it (or any addon) into Blender is a little annoying, though.

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Thx, also, does anyone know where, if anywhere, the models and textures for the KSC buildings are? I would like to maybe use that texture for a KSC building addon.

(EDIT) I fund out, in the assets. Oh well.

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