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Funny loading screen combos . . . .


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43 minutes ago, Terminater05 said:

I got " motivating Kerbals", and then "Recruiting Kerbals", and I just imagine a kerbal giving a motivation speech to an empty lecture hall, and then somebody realizes that there are no Kerbals there and so they go and recruit some Kerbals

Or maybe they had to be motivated before they can be recruited :wink:

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On 2014-06-17 at 8:59 AM, mnemon said:


"Ductaping Struts"

(If some of these or all are not witty at all, I hope I will be forgiven, since I am not a native speaker)

Well that one made me laugh. Oh so very Kerbal :)

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Well, I got a loading hint that was perfect with the picture showing.

I got Jeb and Val holding hands, and the screen said “attaching nodes.” It was on my very first boot-up of the game.

then, later, I got the same picture, but saying “locating Jebidiah Kerman” No explanations needed.

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On 6/17/2014 at 12:39 AM, Javster said:

I had no idea they were random. Plus it takes so long to load I usually do something else while it does its thing.

I have a very slow computer as well

we bought the keyboard & mouse on Ebay, the monitor we had bought from someone and it was lying around the shed, and the computer brain and 1/3 of the hard drives were from my mum's computer, and another 1/3 of hard drives doesn't work so I have to hope that it is the correct one when I turn it on. I mostly use my iPad, like now, becauseitis much faster

I corrected the typo at "because" but it only got worse

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