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resources lite/ cargo

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ok, this isnt a suggestion regarding mining fuel or anything, this is a suggestion regarding collection of stuff and quantising the stuff you gather.

cargo holds:

ok, first of all we need to agree that all gear/resources/things take up some space. since it is boring to have specific parts for storing every single resource separately it would be nice to have a cargo system so we could have anything physical we would like to store in a common storage space. this could be everything from repair tools when /if they get implemented and soil samples and random objects. this would also open a whole new area for mod makers as they would have a unified storage space to put things in. it would be easiest if cargo was measured in volume as that makes the most sense.

science requirements/uses

if some science experiments required physical objects we would have a reason to use this system in vanilla KSP. instead of magically generating a "soil sample" we go out, pick up a rock and store it in the cargo hold. you get science for returning soil from different places, with deminishing returns as you increase the ammount. this would also open for a real science use for the science modules as you could "convert" the soil to data you can transmit home. weather the soil is consumed by this or not doesent matter. on a slightly different note, it doesent make sense that we dont get 100% science when we transmit, it should rather be that some data cant be transmitted, rocks for example. then you would need a science lab to convert it into transmittable data.

resource generation/management

when we have a place to put our shaz we can suddenly play with management of basic life support mechanics with waste being generated or whatever. if this is unwanted you could always use this for space station experiments. you generate "space plants" or something and either return them in a capsule or study them in the lab module. i dont really thin this is nessecary for squad to implement, all i'm saying is that this opens quite a few doors when it comes to managing "stuff", this is mechanics that will easilly be converted into mining and fuel/resource generation by either modders and/or a future squad.


we needa supply of tools and items one time or another. it makes sense to have to pack your flags in advance rather than the unlimited flag eneration we seem to have now. having to pack these in a cargo hold seems to make sense. unless squad wants to make a tank with a "flag" resource we need an inventory system.

sorry if the english is a bit weird or my logic fails horribly. i havent slept in quite a while.

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