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[1.5.x]Dr. Jet's Chop Shop v0.11.4.3 (20.10.2018)

Dr. Jet

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On 6/29/2014 at 2:54 AM, Dr. Jet said:




===> SpaceDock main download. <===

Instance on curse.com will not updated anymore. Those cursed Twitch-lovers enraged me by their demands. If something bad happens to SpaceDock - I will make a release mirror on GitHub.

===> Available in CKAN. <===

Dev thread here

Pics Here (Damn you, Imgur!):

Album a/jt9GPDr will appear when post is submitted

(Damn you TWICE, Imgur. You've blocked all accounts from my mail provider and I had to use another service for new pics.)

Video review by Kottabos:

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It's 0.6.4 version thus some nasty bugs are seen. :blush:

Blister decouplers are for boosters, not for engines.

Also don't follow Kottabos style of attaching LTS Mk1. Side tanks must be strapped on Core tank side nodes. Strictly in couples. That's it. :P


Video review by GrunfWorks (fresher one):

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Parts are describes correctly here, which I think is very nice. 

Though... LTS-1 side tanks were abused again... :( They were specially designed to provide asparagus fueling capability to LTS-1 system and not as rover attachments.



For other languages - commit to GitHub instance of ChopShop (/GameData/ChopShop/Localization).

Other mods support:


ModuleManager  - ChopShop can work without it, but you will have no support for other mods.

Connected Living Space

Community Tech Tree

Engeneering Tech Tree  (as a temporary patch until it's GitHub source is updated)

F.A.R. is supported. (Hopefully... haven't checked it for years.)

JSI Advanced Transparent Pods

Modular Fuel Tanks or Real Fuels. RealFuels is recommended.



Textures Unlimited (NEW)



Is supported by other mods:

ModuleSolarTracking - should automatically make SSP right-click menus less confusing.

SETI Techtree and Balance mods


Parts are mostly self-explaining - either in Imgur album or  in game.

But here is what you're generally getting:

  • Deployable skycrane in two sizes. 
  • Easy to use modular parachute system.
  • Double-axis solar panels.
  • Multistage Lander tank systems.
  • Tiny electric impeller for atmospheric drones.
  • Family of rovers - both manned and unmanned. Also a fix for stock rover body orientation.
  • Mk2 spaceplane extension parts - mostly butts and some noses.
  • Primitive unmanned soil sampler.
  • Real worls CubeSat double-dipole antenna replica.
  • 2.5m hubs.
  • Aerodynamic blisters.
  • Opening heatshield, allowing protection for your bottom docking port. 
  • Small tweakable weight to finely balance your tiny probes.



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  • Updated stock rover patch for KSP 1.5.1 changes.
  • Made controls for SSP rotator and SSP panels have different text (KSP 1.5.x allows it finally).
  • Added new impact resistances and wind resistance (where it was missing) for all SSPs.


  • Обновил патч стокового ровера с учётом изменений KSP 1.5.1.
  • Сделал разный текст для управления ротором и панелями УСП (KSP 1.5.x наконец-то это позволяет).
  • Добавил новые параметры удароустойчивости и параметр ветроустойчивости (где он был пропущен) для всех УСП.


  • Used some PartTools Voodoo magic to solve weird excrements issue with 2-ton segment chute.


  • Использовал чёрную магию PartTools, чтобы исправить внезапную неведомую херню с двухтонным парашютом.

v 0.11.4
- Added support for Textures Unlimited (had to re-build a couple of models). Shinies!!!
- Fixed all troubles with DDAS (hopefully).
- Few minor fixes.

- Добавлена поддержка Textures Unlimited (пришлось переделать пару моделей). Блестяшки!!!
- Исправлены все проблемы с ДДАС (надеюсь).
- Несколько мелких исправлений.

v 0.11.3

- German localization by Nils277 updated.
- Fixed missing SSP Mk3 patch for CTT.

- Обновлён перевод на немецкий от Nils277.
- Исправлен отсутствующий патч для УСП-3 под CTT.

v 0.11.2


  • German localization by Nils277 added.
  • Updated sample crafts to be compatible with KSP 1.4
  • Fixed some uncritical typos in configs.


  • Добавлен перевод на немецкий от Nils277.
  • Обновлены примеры аппаратов для совместимости с KSP 1.4
  • Поправил несколько некритичных опечаток в конфигах.

v 0.11.1

- New part: SSP-3
- Fixed Ven's Revamp MM compatibility patch to work with new MM syntax
- Новая запчасть - УСП-3
- Исправление ММ-патча совместимости с Ven's Revamp, чтобы работал с новым синтаксисом ММ

- changed inline chute physical model for more realistic (off-center drag force)
- entry costs for chutes
- DDAS moved deeper into tech tree
- CCT support (rover parts will show in rover category)
- CTT support (some parts moved to another tech nodes)
- localization files separated for easy use by potential new translators
- Изменена физическая модель встроенного парашюта на более реалистичную (смещён вбок центр сопротивления воздуху)
- Введены стомиости парашютов
- ДДАС ушла глубже в дерево технологий
- Поддержка CCT (части роверов в категории роверов)
- Поддержка CTT (некоторые запчасти перемещены в другие узлы дерева технологий)
- файлы локализации разделены для удобства потенциальных переводчиков


- Major debugging of compatibility patches. In theory should fix all compatibilities that were broken in 
Expect breaking of crafts using SSP Mk2 and RoveMate XL. To fix crafts replace in your save and craft files "SSP.mk2" for "ChopShop.SSP2" and "roverBodyXL" for "ChopShop.RoverXL".
If you still have issues with SETI Overhaul - poke Yemo to update ChopShop part names. I don't have access to his configs.
- Полный дебаг патчей совместимости. По-идее должен починить все совместимости, сломанные в 
Ожидаемы поломки крафтов, использующих УСП-2 и «Скиталец» XL. Для починки замените в файлах крафтов и сохранений "SSP.mk2" на "ChopShop.SSP2" и "roverBodyXL" на "ChopShop.RoverXL".
Если у вас всё ещё проблемы с SETI Overhaul - пинайте Yemo, чтобы обновил имена модулей ChopShop-а. У меня нет доступа к его конфигам.


- Spanish language support (thanks to @fitiales)
- Fixed LED Headlight Culling Mask trouble (illuminating planets).
- Поддержка испанского языка (спасибо, @fitiales)
- Исправлена проблема Светодиодной Фары с Culling Mask (освещение планет).


- Russian language support in KSP 1.3.0 and beyond.
- Eliminated ModuleManager dependency! You will still need it for other mods compatibility though.
- Unified mod part IDs. Unfortunately this will brake your older crafts.
- Fixed decal meshes for Mk2 nosecone parts.
- Sample crafts updated.
- Поддежрка русского языка в KSP 1.3.0 и далее.
- Устранена зависимость от ModuleManager-а! Хотя для обеспечения совместимости с другими модами он всё равно понадобится.
- Унифицированы ID-шники запчастей. К сожалению, это сломает ваши старые аппараты.
- Исправлены меши декалей для носовых модулей Mk2.
- Обновлены примеры аппаратов.

       v 0.10.1 (KSP 1.2 compatibility patch, NOT compatible with KSP 1.1.x.)

  •  Tech node changes, module adjustments and other compatibility fixes for KSP 1.2
  •  Sample craft "Surface Sampler" updated to use new stock feature and return science in Luna-16 style.

       v 0.10.0


  • New Manned Rugged Rover Mk2 (3 seats)
  • New Opening Heat Shield (CLS passable) to protect your docking ports or probe cores on reentry.


  • Audio clip for Impeller. Now it sounds like real Hubsan drone.


  • Lots of small fixes (animation glitches, changes due to JSI mods separation, etc.)

v 0.9 (should be 1.1 compatible, but cannot test it)


  • New manned rover derived from rugged rover. Fully functional RPM compatible IVA.
  • SSP Mk2 now has optional connectors to fit both 2.5m and 1.25m designs.
  • Rugged Rover internal composition revised - it actually had more space for batteries. 1600 charge now (was 800).
  • SP-RR-1 revised - now produce 5.5 e/s at Kerbin (was 4.5)


  • Ven's Stock Revamp compatibility (use Ven's probeRoverBody model when available).
  • Impeller animation is binded to FXModuleAnimateThrottle. No more spinning while engine is offline.
  • Some other minor bugfixes.


v 0.8


  • New parts for modular parachute system based on stock modules and aerodynamics. Parts are calibrated by recommended payload weight. By easyness of use and flexibility it should take place between stock chutes and famous RealChutes. ATTENTION: Those are NOT TESTED/CALIBRATED FOR F.A.R.!
  • SPP "Beak" bicoupler. No fuel, but slim fit and integrated linear RCS.
  • Aerospike Adapter REMOVED, because stock Aerospikes now have proper bottom nodes.
  • Small Jet Engine REMOVED because we now have J-20 engine in stock. Small Turbofan remains.


  • KSP version 1.0.5 forced CONVEX colliders EVERYWHERE. That called for major overhaul. Many parts have 7-9 colliders now instead of 1-3 colliders they had before. Something may work even a bit better, but most surely it won't. It's highly advised to rebuild vehicles that use LTS or rover bodies.
  • Tweaked model and animation of SSP Mk2 to look a bit less ugly on deployment and more like stretching a real thin film panels... hopefully...
  • Finally a PROPER volumes for RealFuels. They should be 5 times bigger than MFT volumes.
  • Rugged Rover patch by Kerbas_ad_astra. Dunno if it will work with new colliders, but nevertheless.
  • Some minor tweaks.


  • Both SSP Mk1 and Mk2 animations revised for longer deployment and sane rotator docking animation (at cost of 5 seconds rotator activation pause).
  • Both SSP Mk1 and Mk2 are fixed to keep position on vehicle switch/load (at cost of non-working VAB deployment).
  • CLS Support.

v 0.7.3

  • New Smart Solar Panel Mk2 (long awaited)
  • New tweakable 1-100 kg counterweight.
  • Animations revision for both SSP-1 and SSP-2. Now wings deployment and rotator activation are independent and should glitch less when activated from right-click menu.
  • Config updates for SPP butts and noses according to 1.0.4 stock settings.
  • Better collider for LTS-2 upper stage.
  • Some RealFuels compatibility patches.
  • Soil sampler model rebuilt with proper parameters. Still crappy though.
  • "Cargo bay" patch for Rugged Rover body by Kerbas_ad_astra. Also less heat conductivity to make it have sense.
  • Bahamuto Dynamics animation plugin support (for automatic Sky Crane deployment) returned from deprecated.zip.
  • Few minor bugfixes.


v 0.7.2


  • New LTS-2 landing tank system.
  • Fixed RemoteTech support.
  • Few minor bugfixes.


v 0.7.1


  • Patched thermals and aerodynamics for 1.0.2.
  • Updated sample crafts (SPH) and part technodes.
  • Few minor bugfixes.


v 0.7.0


  • Patched for KSP 1.0, now incompatible with 0.90 and lower
  • Added experimental electric impeller "Li'l Buzzer". Still badly configured, need help with that.
  • New sample craft "Buzzer" using impeller. Other crafts may be broken, will check em later.


v 0.6.5


  • Minor bugfixes (Texture bug with aerospike adapter, Skycranes not seen in producer tab)
  • Removal of experimental alpha tricoupler (Don't know how it got into 0.6.4 build... anyway it' doesn't work right in stock game, as Kottabos video displayed).
  • ModuleManager is excluded from pack due to CKAN rules. (Some good man had included my mod into CKAN.) But it's still essential!


v 0.6.4


  • New SpacePlane+ part: Intake nosecone
  • New structural parts: 3-way 2.5m hub, 4-way 2.5m hub, 6-way 2.5m to 1.25m hub.
  • MM config and some model bugfixes to normalize F.A.R. behavior of SP++ parts. Should fix air intakes problem.


v 0.6.3


  • Aside from declaring an Agency (for part sorting reasons) it's just file cleaning, general tidyup and some bugfixes. All textures were quantized. Most of PimpMyRover configs are deprecated and put into separate file.


v 0.6.2


  • New SpacePlane+ parts: Wide Tricoupler (3 x 1.25m + 2 Ram Air intakes, capable of holding LV-N engine) and Drone Nosecone (air intakes, RT and RPM support), both using stock textures.
  • Configurations for 0.625 jets, aerospike and aerospike adapter.
  • 1.25m configuration for SSP Mk1 (model looks quite crappy at 2.5m and above, so it will be SSP Mk2 with another model and animation)
  • New sample crafts.
  • Some minor bugfixes.


v 0.6.1


  • New SpacePlane+ parts: Quadcoupler (2 x 1.25m + 2 x 0.625m) and 2.5m Adapter, both using stock textures.
  • Blister stripes are darker to draftly match SpacePlane+ side stripes color.


v 0.6


  • New SpacePlane+ parts: Tricoupler (1 x 1.25m + 2 x 0.625m) and Quintcoupler (1 x 1.25m + 4 x 0.625m), both using stock textures.
  • TweakScale integration (Blisters and Skycrane)
  • ModularFuelTanks and RealFuels integration (LTS and Skycrane)


V 0.5


  • Complete rework of Rugged Rover - it's really fancy now.
  • Complete rework of RTG Rover. It won't seem anymore that RTGs don't have enough free space for cooling.
  • New LTS landing system introduced to replace experimental Segmented Tanks.
  • New SSP solar panels introduced to replace experimental ISP1.
  • New DAS-1 Deployable Antenna System. Replica of real CubeSat part.
  • New LED headlight for rovers.
  • Deployable Skycrane model recieved a bit of mesh tidying. Bigger Deployable SkyCrane Mk2 configured. Working gimbals and overheat animation for both. Though only MK2 is prone to overheat.
  • Mechanical Soil Sampler as a way of unmanned soil sample retrieval. Single charge version, as stock animation module failed to work with 3-in-one experimental design. Still the same crappy texture though.
  • ChopShop logos were replaced with changeable and toggleable flag decals. You still can get my smile back by chosing the proper flag. =^_^=


v 0.4.1


  • New experimental probe-sized solar panel. ISS "Balka"-style 2-axis rotation, but fits in 0.625m design.
  • SkyCrane will autodeploy on engine activation if Bahamuto Dynamics DLL is present.


v 0.4


  • New rover body intended for ruggedised wheels placement. Smoothly fits in 3.75m.
  • Simple passive solar panel for rover back (alpha).
  • Experimental segmented 2.5m fuel tank for upper stages (alpha).
  • Finally some mesh tidying, new texture and normalmap for Deployable Skycrane.


v 0.3.3


  • Added support for Soviet Pack "Lunokhod 1" (Soviet Pack v1.9.1b).
  • Added support for Space Factory Ind. Luna-17.


v 0.3.2


  • Added support for Bahamuto Dynamics CritterCrawler.
  • Relocated both PimpMyRover and SkyCrane folders into ChopShop folder.


v 0.3.1


  • Fixed a bug with "Probodobodyne MastCam" actually facing rearwards while it's camera looking forwards.
  • Fixed a bug with Pimped RTG RoveMate part being upside down.


v 0.3


  • Deployable SkyCrane was added.


v 0.2


  • A new rover core was added, that allows attachment of up to 4 stock RTGs.




  • Stock Probodobodyne RoveMate part was duplicated and made into two functional rover cores (just config).
  • Spacetech "Eva" rover from "SpaceTech Landing Project" was properly reoriented and partly befriended with RasterPropMonitor for use with ProbeControlRoom (just config).




  Reveal hidden contents
  1. Skycrane animation glitches: jitters, refuse to open fully, shown in wrong state on load, etc.   -> your Bahamuto Dynamics animation library is bugged or outdated -> either update your Bahamuto Dynamics animation library or delete GameData/ChopShop/ModuleManager/BahamutoDynamics.cfg
  2. Parachutes make your craft ridiculously bigger then it is (in VAB/SPH engineer report) -> you have old chute models that don't work right in KSP 1.1.x -> update ChopShop to or later AND delete PartDatabase.cfg from KSP folder to force part sizes recalculation on game start.
  3. Wheel blocked: Yes - upgrade to KSP 1.2 Pre OR set WHEEL_CLIP_RANGE = 0 and WHEEL_CLIP_MULTIPLIER = 0 in your settings.cfg

It's GNU GPL 3.0 until I find something more CopyLeft-ish. :wink: Now I have a proper place on GitHub, so grab Unity Package from here and feel free to make commits.

Comments, bug reports and ideas for further development are welcome.

Is it possible to update to C-Kan as it works Just fine on the new Versions of KSP.

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Love the mod!  But I'm coming up with a bit of an error and I was hoping maybe you could help me work it out?  My log file has a few entries, I'm just going to share one here as to not spam the forums.  If it would help I will upload the actual log files and paste a link.  Anyway, I noticed a bit of a performance hit after installing this (5 or 10 fps) when using your mods parts.  This is the error. 


[LOG 11:56:35.300] ERROR: Could not locate model: ChopShop/Science/model while applying KSP_MODEL_SHADER with name of: ChopShop_Metal

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1 minute ago, StoneWolfPC said:

Love the mod!  But I'm coming up with a bit of an error and I was hoping maybe you could help me work it out?  My log file has a few entries, I'm just going to share one here as to not spam the forums.  If it would help I will upload the actual log files and paste a link.  Anyway, I noticed a bit of a performance hit after installing this (5 or 10 fps) when using your mods parts.  This is the error. 


[LOG 11:56:35.300] ERROR: Could not locate model: ChopShop/Science/model while applying KSP_MODEL_SHADER with name of: ChopShop_Metal

Try deleting that model and try again

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Never mind, it has to do with Textures Unlimited.  I assumed it was a texture issue in this mod before actually going the rest of the way through my log file.  I've got several mods that are tossing a LOT of errors with it.  I LOVE that mod, so I don't want to delete it.  Taking the issue to that support thread, thanks!

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  • 4 months later...


  • ChopShop

I am asking for your permission to update / continue / adopt / release ChopShop.

I absolutely love this mod and really want others to enjoy it as well.

Hopefully I hear back from you with an answer, but in case I don't hear back from you I intend to respectfully proceed as soon as the end of Sep 2021, as permitted by the license of this mod.

I will provide recognition of original authors/maintainers; and I will gladly step aside should you ever want to continue this mod yourself.

Couple of requests:

  • In the interest of continuity and for the players, I am asking to be added to the Curseforge 'Authors', as well as the SpaceDock 'Authors' so I can update / release using the same listings. Using the same listings will benefit the players and avoid confusion.

  • A posting on the related Forum thread would be swell along with a public posting in the mod's thread tagging and telling @HebaruSan / @DasSkelettabout this adoption so CKAN will be smoothly updated. I will create a new forum thread once I am ready to release.

    Thank you kindly in advance!

Chop Shop gplV3



CurseForge-Listed-blue.svg?labelColor=6441A4&style=plastic&logo=curseforge <-- link

SpaceDock <--link

Github <-- link

Thank you kindly in advance!


Authors: Dr. Jet Dr. Jet @Dr. Jet

Edited by zer0Kerbal
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