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My homebuild controller for KSP (Picture heavy)


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No, you will need Arduino Leonardo or clone (like teensy 3.1) for key strokes.

Edit: It won't work by default, but it looks like people have been able to get it to work. Do a search on uno usb hid keyboard.

I looked into it, and it is all very complicated. I think I'll have to live without it for now. Is it only the Leonardo? Will it work with the Mega2650?

Ok I'm looking some more, and I have to attach a resistor to the back of the board. but my board doesn't match the one on the site. Mine is an Uno R3.

I give up....

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I bought my meters as very cheap (€3) analog meters 0-1 mA. The turned out to react nonlinear to a PWM pin, so I made a few readings of PWM vs meter and made a 5th order polynomial fit. Works fine. Additionally, the radar altitude is on a logarithmic scale in the code to cover precision at low altitude with higher range.

I have a similar problem with an almost antique amp meter. It seems to be more common than I thought. Damn, I trusted analog meters for years before I got my digital multimeter!

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Well, there is a non-linearity _somewhere_, but whether it is the PWM or the meter I cannot tell (and frankly don't care). The thing is to be aware and do the measurements against known values instead of blindly trusting things will turn out.

In the end, I tore out the resistor ladder and used shift-in registers for switches and display IC's for LEDs. Looking forward to doing a new control unit in the summer holidays (and making an imigur account for pictures).

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