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The Actually Amphibious Assault Vehicle (Picture heavy)

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The so-called US Navy fields a class of so-called "amphibious assault vehicles", essentially cut-down aircraft carriers.

Well, I decided that they were wrong for being called "amphibious", seeing as how they could only go on water. Being as such, and having access to the rather pretty B9 parts pack, among others, I set out to make my own so-called aircraft carrier. It was only after I built the darn thing that I realized there actually was an aircraft carrier mod, but oh well...

The design process was long and started off simple.


But quickly I turned to larger, less-floaty designs.


Unmanned testing proved the concept sound, but the execution was clunky, unpolished.


But then, suddenly, divine inspiration struck me: if it took 100,000 liters of fuel to go 3 kilometers in the water, but also had to roll down the runway, why did it even have to go in the water in the first place?

So, ladies and so-called gentlemen, let me present to you:

The Merriam, Amphibious Carrier mk. V


It rolls over the land on a so-called "articulating chassis" (read: flexy connections between parts).


Able to launch and land light to medium-sized aircraft on any terrain, thanks to its flexible deck.


Refueling is done by way of aerial tankers. I'm not quite enough of a design genie to make one that can land 40 tons of fuel on the carrier's short deck, but seeing as how the carrier has a 1,500 kilometer range at 30m/s, I'm not too worried about fuel.



The carrier, using a KW 3.75m engine at the rear, can climb up to 45-degree slopes and hit 60m/s on flat surfaces, as shown here.


Landing, especially for me, is tricky, seeing as how I'm pretty bad at actually flying planes...


But with patience, it can be done.


Attempts to make a carrier that could hit 100m/s over land proved destructively inconclusive.


This was really fun to do and build. Thanks to B9's brilliant shock-absorbing heavy-duty landing gear, I actually could support the 1,200,000 kg. carrier at speed. I only wish KSP's water physics was more forgiving! Ah well. Thanks Squad, for making a game about so-called spaceships that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with them at times, and to the respective mod authors.

Merriam, out! :cool:

Mods used: FusTek station parts, B9 Aerospace, KW Rocketry

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Now that's a genius idea! Do you have any other pics of the the undercarriage? I'd love to see how crazy you went with the wheels. :)

Sure! There are wheels on all of the fuel/ chassis system tanks, and (were) three shock-absorbing wheels at the bow where the ship makes contact with steep hills occasionally, which were also useful for steering. They got knocked off when I was trying to go faster than 60m/s, unfortunately.

Here you can see how the bow wheels lift off the ground when cresting a hill. Eventually the deck flexes enough to bring them back into contact, but the ship can be supported by just the central three rows.


A camera bug demonstrates how the frame is built. The row of three in the middle is the integral part of the structure.


This shows the rows of wheels leading to the stern. I think it has 20 individual units of wheels, each with shock-absorbency, turning, and motors. B9's landing gear truly is a miracle sent by Jool himself.


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