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[1.1.x] Speedy's Hex Truss System

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5 hours ago, tg626 said:

Colliders are simple shapes for performance reasons.  3D gaming fact of life.

I very well know what they are, after all, if you make video tutorials on unity for 3d buzz, you would know what they are and HOW MUCH they impact a game engine, but when you are developing a part like hex truss, people would at least like to see propper colliders or better, mesh colliders, did you ever tried a mesh terrain with over 20k vertices, let me tell you this, the mesh collider for that terrain is itself, yet, no big performance hit, learn this my friend, these days, models are not the bottleneck of games, textures and graphics are, vertices are cheap more than what you think

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I have seen your posts Jiraiyah.  I do plan to improve the whole system for the next update (whenever I get some time to work on it.)

I will likely make a set of parts to assemble your own trusses.  I will also have some longer trusses so that people can build large stations without having a thousand parts causing lag.  BoxSat can get away with this due to the generally small craft size.

The collision will be improved.  KSP only supports convex shapes for its part collision objects so hollow objects require a lot of collision meshes.  The large hollow truss currently uses about 11 collision boxes.  I will improve the detail of the collision meshes in the next version though.

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On 27-9-2016 at 7:30 AM, JewelShisen said:

Hey is this working in 1.2pre?

Yes i can confirm this is still working in 1.2 pre and its current release, however, I found an little error in your cfg file of the HexTrussHub01 which made the part not showing up in the structure lists...

name = HexTrussHub01
module = Strut      <<<------------ rename this to " Part" to make it show up again in the structure list of the VAB
author = SpeedyB


Everything else just still works like they always did...

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