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[0.24] StarSystems v0.2

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[0.24] StarSystems v0.2

This plugin will allow for the creation of multiple colored stars with working light.

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Update 04 - 24/07/2014

Missing .cfg file added to the .zip

Update 03 - 24/07/2014

Complete rework of the mod structure. Started colaborating with Fastwing who made my code more modular and rewrote my main class structure to be object based. This version has a new gamefixer in place that will allows loading of any existing savegame without destroying vessels on load (still can't garantee none will be destroyed when exploring other stars). When loading a an existing savegame for the first make sure to go to the trackingstation before launching a vessel as this will fix existing orbits. There is now a small bug that when you try to launch a vessel immediately after loading a savegame it will get teleported to outside Kerbin's atmosphere. Going to the tracking station before launching your first vessel will fix this. Overall this version should be more stable.

Update 02 - 20/07/2014

I removed the fixes that were in place an uploaded it to GitHub. Now the core of the mod works again, but it will eat any ship left in a low orbit around a planet, and when using with an existing savegame it will have any ships orbiting the sun orbit the black hole. I'll start working on a new fix to stop the game from crashing ships into nearby planets.

Update 01 - 20/07/2014:

Ok, apparantly some of my fixes for 0.24 seem to mess up some stuff. I'll try to have an updated version tomorrow.


Modifies the sun into a black hole.

Creates a new Kerbol to house all the original planets.

Allows you to add your own stars.

Handles everything associated with starlight.

Solar panels work.

Allows usage with existing savegames (should work now, still advise to backup) **

To do:

Test the new gamefixer (ongoing)

Make PF:CE planets for Corbo and Dolas (started by Megalodon 720)

Make mod capable of creating planets (started)

Make more colors for stars. (not yet started)

Make a new shader for the black hole. (not yet started)

Optional: make a dust disk for the black hole.

Adding your own stars:

You can add your own stars by copying one of the existing "Star" nodes in the config file and changing it parameters (make sure you have a unique name and FlightGlobalIndex). Since star colors is quite a delicate balance of parameters any color you fill in as color value that is not "Blue" or "Red" will be interpreted as normal yellow.


BACKUP YOUR SAFE FILE! Due to the nature of this plugin it is possible to lose existing ships, but this should now be less of a problem.

**Will load large save files as well (managed to load my largest save files without losing a single ship or piece of debris). Still can't ensure no ships will be lost when traveling to other stars though.




Created by: OvenProofMars

Co-created by: Fastwings

Special thanks to: Kcreator, Megalodon 720 and all people testing.


Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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Looks interesting.

Does it depend in any way to Planet Factory? All is OK in career mode?

It's stand alone, but you can use PF:CE to add planets to the stars (works in 0.23.5, haven't tested it in 0.24). The new career mode of 0.24 loads fine with this mod, but I have yet to do extensive testing.

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Can't seem to download the zip file. Can you put it up somewhere else, Please?

Edit: Got it!

Going to check it out now.

Edit: Incredibly cool! I mean really cool!! I did not install PF and it works great on 24.

I'm all smiles! Nicely done!

Your To Do list is fantastic! This mod gets it's own game folder for sure.

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Would this work with Environmental Visual Enhancements or the experimental OVERHAUL?

I loaded it in one of my heavily modded KSP 0.23.5 installations (35+ mods) and it seemed to work fine, apart from the fact that I lost a few old ships (50+ ships safegame). Since that install runs EVE and most components needed for Overhaul I would say yes, although I have no idea what else Overhaul does.

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This + MKS + EPL + KSPI would allow for some really cool endgame missions, especially because the beamed power networks that i so love to build in the midgame would be worthless across interstellar distances. You'd effectively be starting from scratch (albeit with cooler tech). Definitely going to get this once planets are added.

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