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Rareden's Real 8k Skybox for Texture Replacer

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I was using this sky-box a while back with Universe Replacer. It's painfully difficult to find and the source I got this from was for Universe Replacer. I changed the names so it works with Texture Replacers coding. Credit goes to Rareden. Whom I have permission from. Enjoy :D


Texture Replacer > Default > *Insert Images*


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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The EnvMap folder contains the .tga files which, I believe, designate the images to their corresponding locations in the sky box. Just drop the images in Texture Replacer > Default. It may be that another file you have is conflicting with it. May just have to experiment. Here's what it should look like v


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[MOD - Merely stating you have permission from Rareden does not constitute including a licence.

Please consult this thread and edit your original post to include a licence - otherwise, this thread will be in violation of add-on posting guidelines and be subject to removal.]

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Okay..? How might I obtain this license. I am not familiar with the legalese of forums.

I've already provided you with a link to the relevant topic. Please read it carefully, follow its advice and include the relevant licence statement in your original post.

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Okay..? How might I obtain this license. I am not familiar with the legalese of forums.

Check out this site: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/

It's got multiple licenses that anyone can use, so take a look at the different ones and pick what you think would work best for this. Since it's just textures (made by someone else to boot) I would recommend a Noncommercial Sharealike variant.

All "Noncommercial Sharealike" means is that people can't profit off of it and they must use the same license as well as attribute you if they redistribute it somewhere else.

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This is the famous EOS Milky Way Panorama. You can get a 18 megapixel version there. The original is 800 megapixels (!) but is not available for download, except perhaps by request.

BTW, The correct license for this image is the CC Attribution 3.0 Unported, that allows remix, transformation, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially. So this image could be used in the final commercial version of KSP, if they wanted to use it. Dr. Brunier may even provide a higher resolution version on request, for a true 4 or 8K skybox.

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Lol, i've still got this in my mod directory, along with a note about how to change the names. Still the best skybox availible imho.


I use the same one (although I IrfanView'ed them to iirc 4k, for performance reasons).

Rareden's skybox best Skybox.

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Not kidding. This looks terrible to me.. I can see pixles all over the place. No way this is 8k..

The sky in oblivion looks waaaaay better than this.

I shouldn't be seeing pixles in every star I look at.

I shouldn't be seeing pixles in the milkyway.

I do.

I have only find a very few of these skyboxes that don't have this problem.

I wish this was one of them because it is my favorite.

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