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[1.8.x - 1.12.x] Soviet Probes & Soviet Rockets - R7/N1/Soyuz/Proton/Zenit/Dnepr/Kosmos/Tsiklon - 7-24-21


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If you enjoy this mod consider downloading it's sister mod HERE. It contains Soyuz and Salyut to be used with this mod

For all the "geniuses" who can't read and claim I steal all my stuff without attribution, try reading the bottom of any OP for any of my mods. I ALWAYS make an attribution list of the original mesh authors for parts if I use something that wasn't originally mine. I NEVER use something without contacting and asking the original author for permission even if they have an open license that allows usage without asking. I am always transparent about whether or not I made the parts from scratch and have NEVER claimed to have made something 100% myself when I did not. I kindly ask that people stop spreading lies around because they are angry and have a vendetta against me, you know who you are.

Probes Album: http://imgur.com/a/VBIoj

R7 Album: http://imgur.com/a/4KZzU

Proton Album: http://imgur.com/a/2kWSi

Zenit Album: http://imgur.com/a/PA7Lv

N1 Album: https://imgur.com/a/cKWik81

Kosmos Album: https://imgur.com/a/ck5Rbae

Tsiklon Album: https://imgur.com/a/1vSkv8l






This is a long term project and I will slowly be adding probes to it over time.

Old School Fairings Support:

-If you use old school fairings, here is a module manager config to make the rockets compatible: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a6p6pnfmf5hzrwf/RN_OSF.cfg?dl=0

Stock Remotetech Support:

-If you use remotetech with STOCK KSP, here is a module manager config to make the probes compatible, do NOT use this with Realism Overhaul: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0du6v25mj6kel5o/Soviet_Probes_RT.cfg?dl=0

Installation Instructions:

These mods are also available on CKAN

NOTE: I DO NOT support CKAN installs, if you use ckan at all do not even bother submitting a bug report, I will ignore it. CKAN installs my mods incorrectly frequently, and other mods incorrectly which cause mine to not work(i.e. FAR, RSS, RO). If I continue to get false CKAN bug reports under the ruse of a manual install I'll be forced to change my license to forbid CKAN from listing my mods.



Some of the older probes, original R7 meshes(unused as of 0.98), some proton parts - Thorton & Igel - Used under authorization

Reflection Plugin - Starwaster - License: Public Domain

Reflection Plugin Source: https://github.com/raidernick/Reflection-Plugin-Continued

Km_Gimbal - Dtobi - License: Public Domain

Some N1 related stuff - Jean-Marie Le Cosperec open license

N1 engine models - DennyTX - Used under authorization

Firespitter - Snjo - License: You may reuse code and textures from this mod, as long as you give credit in the download file and on the download post/page. Reuse of models with permission. No reselling. No redistribution of the whole pack without permission. UV map texture guides are included so you can re-skin to your liking.

Texture Replacer - MIT License

Textures Unlimited - Shadowmage - GPL 3.0

Bahasp and rnmodules source: https://github.com/raidernick/BDAnimationModules




This license does not cover mod packs. Putting my work into a mod pack is prohibited.

Using any of my mods names or likenesses, including in derivative works, expansions, addons is prohibited

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Lovely. :) It's really great to see high-realism relicas popping up. Have you thought of contacting DennyTX? He said he's got a lot of stuff, some of it in amazing detail, but he's slow at texturing. You could perhaps help him with bringing his creations to KSP. From what I've seen, he seems to have created a mesh for every single US/Soviet rocket in history, and most probes as well. :) It'd be especially amazing if you could use his LV models with your probes. BobCat's rockets are nice, but not nearly as detailed as Denny's.

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I can add that to the long list of things I'm going to do. I plan to alternate between us and soviet stuff. Once I'm done with the luna programme I'm probably going to do pioneer or ranger than when i switch back I can consider working on that.

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V0.2 has been released for testing. It contains the Molniya 8K78 carrier rocket. This is part of the R7 series of rockets and is what evolved into the Soyuz U. I included a subassembly file for the rocket. The rocket also includes BLOCK L, which should give you enough Delta-V to get a small to medium sized probe to the Mun. This rocket is important to this mod as it will be used to launch the majority of the probes.

NOTE: If you decide to build your own make use you include the separation motors on the INSIDE of the 4 radial boosters. The stock decouplers are too weak and if you don't use the separation motor the boosters will fall into the rocket and make it explode. Although reading around this weak decoupler issue seems to be a known problem(not the same as the 64bit decoupler bug).



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So here is yet another project. This time I am working on the series of soviet probes, focusing on the luna and venera probes. For the luna program I am working on 1/2, 3, 9, 10 , 11-14. For venera I am going to focus on the lander design.


This is a long term project and I will slowly be adding probes to it over time.

-Added Luna 2
-Added reflection plugin support

-Rescaled Molniya rocket to be compatible with Bobcat parts
-Fixed block L ullage motor and ejection force
-Updated subassembly file

-Molniya 8K78 carrier rocket added
-Block L added

-Luna 3 probe added



Original Luna 3 mesh - Jógvan "C3PO" Trondesen

Sputnik 1,2,3 & Luna 2,3,9,10 & Molniya - Thorton & Igel

License: GNU LGPL



For RPL I was using the hex cores for Venera/Mars probes. lol This is the good stuff!


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Well, checked out the Molniya. I'd say, it's a decent start, but...

1). Terrible, inefficient texturing. Generally, you'd want something better than single-color textures. Especially don't use a lot of single-color textures, because it reduces performance and makes the rocket look really bad. It needs a new texture, with a proper normal map. Another thing is the tank icing, seen here:


Usually, Molniya looks like this during flight. LOX tanks cover with a layer of ice after fueling, this ice does not entirely fall off after takeoff.

2). No working vernier motors. They should be separated from the stages and use Dtobi's gimbal plugin for movement. Verniers on boosters gimbal in a single plane, verniers on the core and the 3rd stage gimbal in both.

3). No working winglets. Same thing, those little winglets are actuated and actually important to fly this rocket (and any R7) in FAR.

4). Separation motors. Molniya had no such a thing. You can make your own decoupler for the boosters if the stock ones aren't good enough.

As for the soviet probes, the only thing so far is that your gray is too gray and not silver enough. Not a difficult fix, given this is a shoddy single-color texture, but it could look OK on those early probes since they actually were reflective silver all over.

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1) I'm not a great texturer, this rocket is just a placeholder for me to test the probes so it may not even be in the final release. I will look at creating normal maps and a full body texture for it after everything else is done.

2) The vernier motors actually do move, but again I got lazy and just threw the stock gimbal module on them. I am aware they only move on one axis each.

3) Again, the rocket is just for testing, I may or may not fix this.

4) I had to include these because the stock decoupler module is broken, making my own plugin is not what I had in mind and making a new part wouldn't solve the issue as it would still use the anchored decoupler module.

As for the probes, yeah they are too dark. Seeing as they are just silver all over there is really nothing I can do but make it a single grey color and reflective.

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2) The vernier motors actually do move, but again I got lazy and just threw the stock gimbal module on them. I am aware they only move on one axis each.

They need to be separate engine parts to properly operate (well, at least the core ones do). Also, I just checked the 3rd stage out. The engine is way too bare-bones. Have you seen yours vs. BobCat's? I know the rocket is mostly for testing but you should have some piping and details in there. 3rd stage verniers gimbal, but they also need to be separate to properly control roll. Same goes for Block L verniers, BTW.

Oh, and you could probably make the boosters work properly. BobCat's ones do, stock decouplers and all. You could also look into 3rd stage engine fairing, it separates very weirdly (compare with BobCat's nice and clean separation). Maybe instead of using models from Orbiter, contact DennyTX? He'd probably love to hand over some of his models for finishing.

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Actually I did try bobcat's and it explodes when you decouple the same as mine. It's a known issue with radial decouplers in 64 bit. The fairing separates weirdly because I just copied the stock config for it without changing the values for direction so one of the sides jettisons inward then bounces off making the rest fly around.

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Decoupler issue is supposed to be fixed in 0.24.2. Besides, there's a plugin that fixes it if Squad didn't do that. Oh, and your Molniya doesn't explode (on 32bit), but decouplers fall off the boosters and the boosters themselves don't make the nice Korolev Cross you see with BobCat's Soyuz. I suggest not bothering with 64bit compatibility for a while. It's buggy.

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I still don't know if I am ever going to pick this up again but here is what you all WOULD have had as an update for Luna 9/10, had I not been verbally abused by a member here. I'm going to decide in the next few days whether or not to continue with these mods and release or just keep all of them for personal use.


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