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The KASA Archives

Here you can find all of KASA's best missions, as well as snapshots from those missions.

The Kerbin Space Station, v1 (Retired)


The most recent picture of the station

This mission is to test my docking skills, as well as my skills to put things into orbit.

This mission required a special rocket, and I wanted something sort-of realistic, so I modeled my Eagle rocket off of the Falcon rockets, by SpaceX.

The Eagle rocket takes any module I need, and even functions as a shuttle from the station and Kerbin.

This station has no scientific value, as it is being built in sandbox mode.


The Eagle Project (Retired)

The Eagle Project is a series of rockets that brings modules and Kerbals alike to the KSS (read above).

Eagle I (retired)


The Eagle I was used to test bringing small to medium payloads into a 100km orbit. It could, but with only a few units of fuel left.

Eagle Heavy (Retired)


The Eagle Heavy is used to bring anything to the KSS. It is used to carry the Eagle Shuttle (no picture) to carry 3 Kerbals to the station, and back.

Magna (active)

Magna is another spacecraft to get stuff to the KSS.

Magna I (retired)


Magna I sent the first Hydra craft to the KSS. Magna I was very unreliable, as seen in the video below.

Hydra (Retired)o8z34m.jpg

Hydra is the new shuttle to the KSS. It lands like the Dragon, v2 by SpaceX: rocket power.

Hydra v1 (active)

Hydra v1 is a proof of concept, and has gone many minor tweaks to perfect it since the video above.

(picture soon)

The Pluto Project (retired)

The Pluto Project was a series of missions to put Kerbals on both moons of Kerbin. It was my first successful landing and return from either moon (legitimately).

The Pluto Project then turned into a mission to build a base on Minmus, but after a few modules were placed, more focus on the KSS. All crew at the Minmus Base were returned to Kerbin on a Pluto VII rocket on July 27, and further plans for the Pluto Project are on hold.


Minmus base (photo 1)


Minmus base (photo 2)

The Frontier Space Station (active)

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