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[Web] When to Burn During Landing Calculator


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Hello everyone!

This is probably not original, but I wanted to make it anyway. I wrote a little utility that calculates when you need to burn full retrograde while landing on a celestial body in order to conserve the most fuel during landing.

In true Kerbal fashion, it makes a lot of assumptions about your ship and its orbit. This tool does use quite a bit of math, but from the perspective of someone who took calculus long ago and forgot everything since!

The source code is available on github here and the license is MIT:


You can access the web version of this project here: http://debuggle.com/unorbit/


Feel free to offer any feedback. I will be adding support for more celestial bodies soon. I have not tested every configuration in game (except the default one) and it worked pretty well. More to come! Thank you for looking.

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