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One sentence you could say to annoy an entire fan base?

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KSP's orbital physics are so unrealistic.

Spore is so realistic.

The TARDIS is stupidly over powered.

Darth Vader is Luke's father? I totally saw that coming.

Minecraft is boring, you run out of things to do so quickly.

All hail the Dalek

All hail the Borg

All hail the Grox

All hail the Dark Side

All hail the Kraken

All hail the [antagonist from MLP here]

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My little pony is for girls and anyone who says other wise is stupid
"Why are you watching a show for little girls?" I love saying th... ironyyyyy.
MLP is for little girls

Objectively speaking, MLP is for young girls. That's the original intended audience. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with someone of any age or gender watching a show geared towards kids, but I'm wary these days of people who say that My Little Pony is NOT just for little girls, because in many cases, that's heard from grown men defending their attempts to exclude small children from being fans of the show (like this thing, for example- "Adult collectible, this is not a toy"), or worse, use elements of it for things that would not be appropriate for small children.

Yes, it's fine for people to like the show, but trying to take it away from the demographic it was originally intended for is just rude.

I'm not accusing anyone on the forum or elsewhere in particular of that, but just calling attention to why the fans of the show who are posting here might have less legitimate reason to be mad about hearing "MLP is for little girls" than some of the other irksome sentences we're coming up with here.

[end wet blanket]

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