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One sentence you could say to annoy an entire fan base?


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2 hours ago, Caerfinon said:

Midichlorians are the best thing that ever happened to Star Wars. They explain everything!

They are the only scientific part of SW because they easily explain the behaviour of the characters with natural reasons.

Just a swab, a drop of chemicals, and a microscope - and the doctor knows if the tat(t)ooined baboon healthy, a sith, or a jedi, and with what exactly he is sith.

Actually, they should sell a "Jedi Express Test". Two bars for "Jedi / Sith", three bars for "Yoda".

4 hours ago, ColdJ said:

Shaun of the Dead was the best Zombie movie.

Then it was Shane of the Dead.




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I mean, who really liked being able to chain spells to jump across the whole Island of Morrowind in 1 leap. I am glad Oblivion took that and levetating away.

(no I'm not. I loved jumping the whole island in 1 leap.)

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Uriel Septim in Oblivion is so much worrying about his trinket, like if I care about anything but the dilemma: to sell it to a junkman for solid but small money, or to take a risk and bring it to his opponents in the palace for a possible award. What I definitely would not do is helping him in his trouble.

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A big dump.

”Kasa Jizo”

“The sequels were enjoyable movies”

“ZUN has lost his musical talent”

“2.2 will never come out”

“Silksong will never release”

“Part 19/9”

“Playing with items is the definitive experience”

”I’m using TILT CONTROLS!”


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