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One sentence you could say to annoy an entire fan base?


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3 hours ago, AtomicTech said:

nobody understands Kerbiloid's posts

I understand 90% of them :)

You successfully annoyed Kerbaloids fan base.

I'd try to annoy reality TV's fan base, but they don't have one.

egap wen kool yeh.

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 is so boring, it's just driving across a few countries in a truck doing nothing special.


Obviously, this is something I COULD say to annoy an entire fanbase, but I don't think this.

ETS2 is so awesome. It's right up there with KSP, as far as good games go. Yeah, that good!


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2 hours ago, AtomicTech said:

I liked Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor!

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I unironically do!


Don't believe what they try to spin you. Capaldi is the 14th doctor. Even if you don't want to acknowledge that David Tennant regenerated back into himself, he would still be the 13th. I also thought Capaldi's run was quite good, sonic glasses and Billions of years in a trap aside.

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