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[0.24+] Void Industries v1.15 8/7/2014


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Hello Everyone!

I am fangflight. Both new to Kerbal Space Program and modding, I was browsing the forums one day, when I found Galacticruler leaving the development of a mod called General Propulsion. So I thought, why not? I contacted him, and he agreed to allow me to continue the development of his mod under the name Void Industries.

Note: I am presently unknowing on how to add new parts, but am learning, so new ones should be out soon. The present models are given credit as listed.

Void Industries:

This mod just adds new objects into Kerbal Space Program. From engines to fuel tanks to Nuclear Reactors, it adds quite a decent twist.

Present List of Parts:

Impulse Drive:

The Impulse Drive is a new engine, developed by "Void Inc." (That is the name in game, not who actually made it.) This thing packs 10,000 maximum thrust, so it is best used to travel interstellar distances. It was found when Jebediah Kerman's mission to Laythe left him stranded in space for 3 years. He demanded that a more powerful engine was created, but his requests were ignored. So, he strapped some rockets to his car and flew around Kerbal Space Center until traumatized workers gave in and turned to "Void Inc" to build the Impulse Drive. This thing is very inoperative with Liquid Fuel, so you must use a mixture of Boxecium and Hetrium. One tank of each of these materials under a PPD-12 Cupola Module can get you up to 2,900 kilometers away from Kerbin at around 75,000 meters per second before the tanks are burned out. This engine costs a large amount of $25,000 in Career Mode, so be careful when using it!

Boxecium Container:

The Boxecium Container is one of two fuel tanks used to power the Impulse Drive. This was supposedly developed after a tragic explosion blew up half of the "Void Inc" Research Building. One Container holds 500 units of this element, so it can be a great fuel supply if used correctly. This container costs $800 in the new style Career Mode.

Hetrium Container:

This container is the second fuel tank used to power an Impulse Drive. The pure Hetrium inside was found when an old space station crashed into the mountains near Kerbal Space Center, they found a new material, which Jedediah Kerman named Hetrium. This canister also contains 500 units of fuel, allowing an exactly timed burnout when fused with Boxecium. This canister costs $800 in Career Mode as well.

Stack Brace:

This object was found in the back of a "Void Inc" warehouse as an old Decoupler model that failed. Quite quickly, "Void Inc" found that this was a very good structural element, so they sold it to the Kerbal Space Center authorities as soon as they could. Our engineers tell us that the black stripe down the center increases it's ability to go at high speeds. This part costs $3,000 in Career Mode.

Nuclear Reactor:

The Nuclear Reactor was an accidental creation when a scientist was working late at night to get the Impulse Drive to operate with Boxecium and Hetrium. He found that when the resulting explosion was controlled inside a rod, it would create a very powerful energy source. Unfortunately, they have not yet mastered this science, so expect failures in the Reactor. This object costs $2,700 in Career Mode.


This mod also adds several flags into the game. They are all the same general design, with just changed colors. You can see some in the following screenshots section.

Screenshots (Sorry For Bad Game Textures, Parts Look Better With High Graphic Settings):

Hetrium and Boxecium Containers Under A PDD-12 Cupola Module:


The Same Image With A Flag In The Background:


Nuclear Reactor, Stack Brace, and Impulse Drive:


An Entire Rocket Lifting Off With An Impulse Drive On The Bottom:



Version 1.14 Released 8/7/2014:

Cleaned up part names/descriptions

Changed Blutonium-238 to Hetrium

Changed Stragnelium to Boxecium

Enlarged fuel tank capacity

Version 1.15 released 9/1/2014:

Added License to download file

Changed Plugin name from General propulsion revamped to Void Industries

Cleaned up plugin thread


Feedback is Appreciated!

Version 1.15 for KSP 0.24+:


Version 1.14 for KSP 0.24+:





  • Thanks KW Rocketry Team for the Stack Brace!
  • Credits not supplied by Galacticruler for Nuclear Reactor
  • Thanks Galacticruler, OrbitusII for the Impulse Drive!
  • Thanks Snjo for the Fuel Tanks and Galacticruler for the Cfg!

Edited by KasperVld
Fixed license image for you :)
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Good luck with this project.

About part making - Just ask, if I can answer, I won't hold info back.

Just to prevent confusion for non-informed users..

That "thing" in my signature is not related to this mod - neither am I for what it's worth..

Still - I'm sure I can answer most noob question with ease by now..

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What do you mean? Like, post it there and link here or?

Yep. Some people find mods through mod sites. So if I go on Curse I'm never going to find your mod (since it isn't uploaded there). Same with Kerbalstuff. Forums can make it difficult to find mods as they can get buried by the more frequented mods.

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I understand the cfgs. I am learning on how to make the models.

I have made a few mods, all of which are just little modifications to their .MU files and .CFG files, and the software I use to model my parts is with Autodesk Maya, and it works particularly fine when importing to unity to make the .MU files. One word of advice is to always use official documentation on some parts of the API, in some, I really can't help ya!

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