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I had a little play in Xamarin and came up with another tweak. This mod will remember your throttle while landed, splashed down or pre-launch. When you come back out of time warp, it'll reset the throttle to wherever it was. Basically made because a few people were complaining about the stock behaviour, and it was a reasonably easy hack.

Download on Curseforge (when it gets accepted).

Alternate download.

Source code.

Let me know if you have issues.

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Thanks! the stock behaviour is hard to explain. This would save many landers and vessels.

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Am I the only one who wondered upon seeing the title if this was going to be a plugin to set KSP's memory usage? xD

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Is it just me? I used this plugin on 0.24.2 x32 and ran into this problem which messed up a few of my orbital maneuvers:

- set a maneuver node, turned off throttle and went into times-X warp using ">"

- used "<" to return to real time before reaching node (pressing it more often than necessary just to be sure)

- throttle set itself automatically to a value higher than zero (which took me a while to notice, hence the messed up orbits)

Next, I used Kerbal Alarm Clock for some high speed warping to the Mun

- throttle set to zero

- KAC set to exit time warp 60 seconds before maneuver node

- Maximum warp! ">>>>>"

- KAC stops warp 60 seconds before node

- throttle set to a non-zero value, messing up my orbit

After removing the plugin, no such problems. Except that for the launch sequence (only then) of every new ship, throttle is already set to 50% (by Squad I guess) which is annoying. However during gameplay, throttle remains at zero until changed manually.

(Afterthought: The only other plugin I'm using that "messes" with the throttle is FloorIt Pro, but that only sets throttle to 100% when pressing "z")

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