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[1.2.x - 1.3.x][Part] SRS: Small Cockpits for Spaceplanes and Airliners v0.8 (2016-10-21), 1.2 compatibility, IVA overhaul


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Have you considered changing the colour of the windows?

Yes, but I can't find the look that satisfies me completely. I was actually thinking about something darker though, like that:


Your color looks nice too, will probably play better with stock parts.

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v0.7 is ready. I've finally changed window colors (made them somewhat similar to those of the Cupola module).


And rearranged SRS/TEH internals again, all MFDs are now large (you can't have too many large MFDs, right?):


But wait, there's more! With B9 props and NavUtilities v0.5 present, SRS/TEH internal space is replaced with this:


(featuring working APFD modes with flight and landing cameras, and togglable cabin lights).

Download link updated in the original post.

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The texture on the SOAR cockpit seems to be bugged out for me

Can you upload a screenshot?

(It is probably the stock-only internal prop config that I forgot to update, but maybe you've found something else entirely...)

and to see what else comes along

Not too much, I'm afraid: I currently don't plan to add more parts, though there are still things to improve here.

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v0.7.2 is up, KSP 1.0 compatibility update: switched to new tech tree nodes, fixed attachment nodes, and finally fixed non-RPM prop arrangement (it's ugly though, two-pilot internal space was designed specifically for RPM, and it has been updated already thanks to MOARdV).

Also, all textures are now DDS (had to flip them vertically, and normals must use different format). Which means old version with PNGs should be removed.

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Update 0.7.4 is up.

With FAR v15 (modeling area rule, among other things) aircraft shape now matters much more than before. Here is my TEH cockpit (that is intended to be hypersonic), in its original shape compared with its new elongated shape from v0.7.4.


New version is longer but its cross-section area changes more smoothly, providing better trans-sonic characteristics.

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I am slowly getting back to KSP and have an update ready. With KSP 1.x an important shortage in my two-seat cockpits surfaced its ugly head. Or, should I say, surfaced pilots head through the roof of cockpit. I didn't notice it in IVA view but internal overlay makes it hard to miss. Moreover, at some point an external mesh has been changed but internal model remained the same - interior overlay shows this too. So I set upon fixing that, and ended up completely reworking SRS internal mesh from the external one. Now it is an honest copy (even with some faces from the frame left intact - to display in overlay view). And then I could move the Kerbals around to ensure they stay entirely inside... Unfortunately, the forward visibility decreased a bit, but it is still more or less reasonable. On the positive side, the instrument panel became larger, and there are now two elbow rests on the sides.

The next significant change is ASET-powered IVA setup. It is optional, since I can't reliably detect the presence of ASET_Avionics using ModuleManager because it is not direct subdirectory of GameData (If anyone knows how to do it, I'll welcome any help). There is now a separate download for this IVA patch. It still tries to detect most of its requirements just to be safe but, ASET Props and ASET Avionics are required for this patch. AFAIK, they are not fully compatible with KSP 1.2 version of RPM at the moment of writing (screenshots taken with KSP 1.1.3).

I didn't abandon B9 props though (they hold too much power over me), so this optional patch also requires B9 (or at least IVA props from it). I could, in theory, make it work with ASET packs only, but would not like to.

Now, I can, more or less use this awful WYSIWYG post editor, but can't, for the life of me, figure out how to embed an Imgur album, so the only thing I can do is to provide a link: http://imgur.com/a/nhJn4 and just add this picture directly, because this post won't look right without images: LFT4ynP.jpg

Finally, I can add the proper Six Pack, and they also keep working when electric charge drops to zero (I tried). So even if they are not needed to fly a plane in KSP, they still provide some redundancy, which I believe is important for space exploration (yes, even for Kerbals). Oh, and arrangement is not symmetrical now: second pilot has a bit different set of MFDs and props.

Well, anyway, this is a "ending with a zero" release (first post and github download link updated), not alpha or something but some aspects are not entirely complete and some pieces can break. Hope to continue working on it, but I have to update my ZOMBIE part pack too.

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